Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

One of our must-eats every time we go to KL is Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks! We stumbled upon this stall when we were in the food court at Pavillion. The place was packed full. We found a table and quickly ordered..I had some Korean pizza cone thingy which sucked.

Cs ordered from shihlin snacks. It was a small stall with a long queue. Cs did the smart thing by choosing the stall with lots of people but I went for the empty stall - cos food arrive faster. Dumb.

Anyway. Shihlin Snacks. We have never looked back since cs ordered that bowl of mee sua.

It is so good. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about: Shihlin is a night market in Taiwan where they have a huge array of food, snacks etc. Kind of like an open air food court.

Something like that. And the other cool thing about Shihlin are the clothes, the bags, the shoes, basically all the shopping!

Oyster mee sua is a Taiwan specialty. Kind of like our kolo mee.

This is one of the shihlin snacks stall at Times Square.

Of course there are other types of food too, such as Chicken chop! Big crispy chicken breast sprinkled with some oriental blend that is supposed to make it taste so good. Ok my mouth is watering now..

The chicken chop/breast is quite large. Enough for two to share. That is what we did anyway.

The packet in the middle is the large deep fried chicken breast.

This is probably one of the best version of oyster mee sua that I have tried so far outside of Taiwan. Not many Taiwan cafes in Kuching offer this. And I only see this sold at the annual Kuching festival. Bah once a year. Not enough!

Anyway. The reason I am going on and on about this is cos Shihlin Snacks is opening at Tun Jugah in mid December!!

Kuching is finally expanding. Old town no longer. We have MBO. We have Spring. We finally have Shihlin Snacks. Ever since I went to KL and had shihlin snacks, I came back to google it and waited for the day someone decided to start a franchise here in Kuching.

I'm curious though. Why Tun Jugah? If I am not mistaken, TJ is almost deserted at night. Only in the day time, with office workers everywhere, that TJ is busy and noisy. So with Shihlin Snacks opening at TJ, they would probably earn money from office workers only. Particularly lunch time. In that short two hour period at most.

So why not the Spring? I'm just kepo-ing and analyzing their business strategy. Cos bored people like me got nothing else to do.

I mean seriously, Spring is packed full. Forget going to Spring on weekends and public holidays! Its crazy! Traffic jams! The food court is always full.

They also have KFC, Sugar Bun, Sushi King. So I suppose this also equals to competiton galore. And rent must be more expensive! Yeah. Not to mention the food court at Spring is already full- maybe no more space for tenants?

OK. Enough Amy. Moving on.

When will someone open a Nandos here too? I miss Nandos! Someone open up a Nandos store please!! Please!! Preferably at Boulevard! :)

Now I am hungry.

OK. Bye.

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