Sunday, 28 November 2010

Self love and Japanese buffet at Riverside Majestic

Self love is good. Occasionally. This was a good hair day and good make up day plus my camwhore spot is awesome.


One fine night, we (cs and I) were talking with our friends, including two recently married couples who were giving cs and I advice on wedding photos, photography, on how to not buy extra prints they cost too much and nobody looks at wedding photos often anyway. As long as you have two albums, its enough etc.

They said we must haggle with them. Ask for more poses. Keep asking for free stuff etc. Don't pay full amount before the reception. Giving advices on dinner locations and also giving advices on wedding night entertainment. Prices, band or karaoke etc.

They are so experienced and I am such a noob.

I felt. So envious. Their weddings are over. Nothing to worry about now. Kinda makes me wish my wedding is over already. Haha. kidding kidding.

Anyway. Back to self love..

I wish I can be more bothered to dress up and put on more make up to work. But that means I have to wake up earlier - about 30 mins earlier at least. Gasp!

Never mind. I will continue going to work looking like shit. *waves hand airily. Its fine.

Oh btw, I curled my own hair. I prefer big waves like this. Finally I can curl my hair and go out in public. *beams with pride

Moving on.

Dad felt like Japanese food last night so we went to Riverside Majestic for the Japanese buffet. I haven't been there for quite some time. So I had no idea the place had a whole new make over! Nice. An improvement definitely.

FYI, the Japanese buffet is available every Wed and Sat night. It costs RM 79++ per person. Quite pricey but there is a wide selection of food and the chefs will gladly prepare whatever you ask for. Good service some more.

We have been going to the buffet for a few years already, since dad has always been
a member of the Prestige Club. Discount if you are a member.

We asked for sashimi! And oh boy, we got sashimi!

Sashimi! Mmmmm...yummm...

There are a few choices. You can choose which one you want. Dad requested a bit of everything. As you can see, there are salmon, white tuna (I think), mackerel, octopus, unagi, and I don't know what else.

I prefer the salmon and unagi only actually. So I took this for myself:

Salmon. No need to share. Plenty to go around.

I like that pink roll below in the photo. Salmon filling! Nicee!

Other things on my plate were ready made sushi and some fried soft shell crab.

Scallops were a bit dry. Not so nice. And quite small.

This is made to order! I ate half before realizing I forgot to take photos! Yumm..cs finds this quite gilik but I love it!

Caviar salmon sushi.

What do you call this again? Did I get the name right?

California handroll.

Not very nice photo again cos I was busy eating. And the chef had orders incoming nonstop so they were making food nonstop as well. Kinda pity them. Super busy for a few hours straight but they still manage to smile and make small talk. Lihai.

Cafe Majestic revamped.

Some ready made sushi available and that is the chef, Ken, who happily makes whatever you ask for. He told me his name is Ken but I heard some people calling him ah Gu. Hmm..

Some more photos of the food. Actually, I did not even wander over to the meat section. The lamb, beef etc. I did not try and of this too:

This was at the salad bar.

I just kept going back for the sushi and sashimi. Yummm..


Too many photos of food. Looking at them is making me full lar. Instead of making my mouth water. Maybe because I am still full from dinner earlier - 6 cheese pizza from Pizza Hut!!! Cheeeeeeseee galore! So filling lar.

Shit die la just realized I ate too much. Just writing this is making me worried. Better exercise more Amy!

I did actually. Last night after the Japanese buffet, I went to Core. It was Winnie's 21st birthday party in the club! So yea I burned quite a lot of calories dancing and yea I went swimming on Friday night so exercise as well.

But I think I am eating more than I work out die la. No wonder my weight is still the same despite my exercises. Tommorrow! I will run an hour.

Imagine if I gained weight instead of losing, just in time for wedding photos Amy! How nice! Fuck this is motivation enough. Imagine if they don't stock wedding dresses for fat unproportioned people. Die die die. OK. Diet starts now!

Last self love photos.


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