Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tattoos and Friday's

It is another Thursday. In my opinion, the harderst-to-wake-up day of the week. Every Thursday morning, I snooze my alarm again and again cos I just can't gather enough energy to open my eyes, move my body, roll myself off the bed. Take a shower.

Not unless I see the bright digits on my phone telling me that I am fucking late! Only then I bolt awake going oh shittt!!

But its ok. Its Friday tommorow. Weekend is a-comin! In the lift earlier with three other middle aged men, I overheard them saying: Its TGIF tommorow. *TGIF = Thank God Its Friday!

I found it quite funny and somehow it makes me feel better. So I am not the only shameless person looking forward to Friday.

These three men were much older than me, have been working much longer than me. Clad in long sleeved shirt and ties some more, proclaiming that its TGIF. I tried not to smile at them, or join in: yea thank God!!

Yep. I feel better.

Anyway. I went to google Rihanna because I am in love with her new song: Only Girl (in the world). Reading her Wikipedia article, I found out that Rihanna has soo many tattoos! I think even more than Angelina Jolie. Shocking.

Quote from Wikipedia:

Rihanna’s tattoos have drawn much media attention. Her tattoos include a music note tattoo on her ankle, a Pisces sign behind her right ear, a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip, a star in her left ear, the word love on her left middle finger, an Arabic phrase meaning "Freedom in Christ" on her ribcage area, a trail of stars going down the back of her neck, a skull with a pink hair bow, the phrase "shhh..." on her right index finger, the date 11.4.86 in Roman numerals on top of her left shoulder, a henna-style dragon claw including hibiscus flowers, a handgun under her right armpit, a six-word phrase on her chest, and the phrase "rebelle fleur" on her neck, said to mean "rebel/rebellious flower" in French. Her gun tattoo was planned to be just below her shoulders but was ultimately located on her ribcage. Her thirteenth tattoo which she had was on her chest and reads, "Never a failure, always a lesson". She had it tattoed backwards, because she wanted to be able to read it in the mirror. When he asked why she wanted it, she said that it was her motto in life for everything.

But if you were too lazy to read everything, here are some photos for your perusal. Because I am kind and bored. And kinda in love with her tattoos:

Love those shoes!

Especially ♥ this one

Look at that body line! Photoshop or for real?!

I don't like this henna looking one.

Why handgun?

The roman numerals look good too!

Don't you think tattoos look so sexy? Or maybe Rihanna makes them look sexy. In Kuching, the elder generation frown on tattoos on females particularly. Supposedly bad girls. Naughty. Bad news. Blah. Whatever.

I read somewhere, in one of the websites where I copied the above photos that Rihanna says: she had her tattoos done, as a part of fashion! Atta girl! Fashion indeed.

That is what I am going to tell cs and daddy when I come back with a new tattoo. Its for fashion. And I am going to get a trail of stars down my back too! Haha.

Sigh. Time to stop dreaming. I would be lucky to get a single star hidden somewhere on my body. Grr.


Tommorrow night will be a busy night for me with two birthdays to attend. First I will arrive at VA at about 730 pm to start partying! For Kah Yee or Kah Ling's birthday- always get their names mixed up! :((( Then Round 2 is at Core for Frankie's party.

Too many birthdays this month. This Saturday is Angie's birthday too. But this party at least requires less energy. No alcohol, no dancing, no loud noise. Angie is one year old this Saturday! Time flies!!

Read my post written on Dec 4 2009 here.

After reading the post, I really cannot believe a year has passed by. We are doing exactly the same things. Sort of more or less. Celebrating all of their birthdays! And a year after, I still cannot differentiate between Kah Yee or Kah Ling!! Die lar. Memory of a duck or sheep indeed. Forgive me both of you! :((

Busy weekend and month ahead!

Have a good weekend everyone. Technically its not weekend yet, but tomorrow I will be smiling at everything and everyone anyway. Already looking ahead to Friday night! Hehe.



Alina said...

I plan to get a tattoo when my son is 6 mths old~ hehe but haven't decide on what to get yet...spoilt with choices

Amy said...

Issit...ah ong won't mind?! SO JEALOUS! Cs is unreasonable..:(

Alina said...

it depends on wat kind tattoo animal, no ghouls / weird creatures... as long as its not too obvious, then he's ok

Amy said...

haha i just want a simple tattoo..small one. not even big or ugly.