Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cherrie is not a dog

About once in two months (more or less), we bring Cherrie to the pet shop to take a bath, clean her ears, cut and trim her facial hair that is obstructing her vision, trim her hair that is growing in and around her ears, cut her nails that make it hard for her to walk, and trim and groom her hair overall.

As with experience, none of us wants to be the one who bring her to the pet shop. Because Cherrie will remember you as THE ONE who left her there alone and to SUFFER! The person who brought her back from the shop though, another story! Different treatment!

The people at the pet shop have come to grow wary every time Cherrie steps foot in there. Today, Cherrie bit all of the shop assistants who try to hold her down, make her sit still so they can just do their job. They are bleeding and bruising. They called mum to help them. Worse. Cherrie bit mum as well. A deep hole that is bleeding non stop.

In the end, they refunded the money to us and made it quite clear that there is no way they can accept Cherrie anymore in the future. =.=

Not unless we agree to put Cherrie under anesthesia. WTF! Crazy ar! Make her sleepy so they can do their job. =.=

They were debating why they could manage to hold her before but not now.

It is because Cherrie has grown. Big girl now. Strong enough to resist. And bad enough to bite everyone. Sigh. What can we do? She is so bad. We lock her in the cage, smack her when she bites. Hit her. Soft then hard.

She is not always like this. At home she is fine. She just hates it when we bring her there. But seriously, this is bad bad bad. This is for her own good. Bah.

Looks like its up to us to do the job now...die. Hello pain, cuts and bruises.


Alina said...

poor Cherrie...poor your mum too...perhaps u guys could try to cut her nails & trim her fur at home...let her get used to the tools & give her a treat everytime she gotta start somewhere...

Amy said...

impossible to groom her ourselves. she bites all of us. when she is angry/in a temper, there is nothing any one of us can do. she just growls and bites. very hard. never had a dog like her before! so bad! cant even comb her hair ourselves lar. thats why brought her to pet shop. in hopes that she dont bite other people. treats mean nothing to her cos she dont like to eat that much too.

NC said...

When you cut the dog's nail, just cut a little bit at the tip as if you cut too deep, there are nerves which can be painful. Just google it as there are many information about how to dp it right.