Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Yesterday...all my troubles seem so far away..

Btw, the title seems so emo and sadist but I assure you I am not. Its just a song. A song I happened to be singing along to. That's all. Most days I am happy as a lark. Smiling at everyone. :)


I so want to blog. To write something. To update. Anything. But when I sit down on my laptop and open up my favorite websites. Of course Facebook is the first. Not necessarily favorite but its a need. No one wants to be socially retarded. Kepo on what friends are up to, the latest gossip and news.

Next its Yahoo mail. To check whoever tagged me in Facebook! Hahaha. No lar. And to check whoever left comments on my blog and whatnot.

Third would be my blog. This should not rank third. It should be first but even I am so sien to look at my blog lar what more others. Its boring. I need more life in me.

Next would be a list of favorite blogs and websites such as FML. Its hilarious. Reading other people's FML makes your life instantly better. Sorry that sounds wrong but it does. Especially the sex ones. Hahah. hilarious.

Then I would google whatever crap I happen to be thinking about. Once I open Wikipedia, I can read on and on and on. There are links to this and that.

For example, I started on Cecilia Cheung - cos she is damn hot. For a mum of two. Btw, did you know she has a half British mother? No wonder so hot!

Cecilia Cheung

This leads to Sonija Kwok. Did you know she is also of mixed British parentage? FML. All the hotties are of mixed parentage.

Sonija Kwok

Err yea moving on.


Updates on my life:

- I bought a wedding magazine (finally) and it was um...quite unhelpful to say the least. Sure, there were gorgeous, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS wedding gowns that are out of my reach. And budget may I add.

- I am not feeling so hot - a bit feverish. The stupid weather.

- Christmas is in the air! Shirley called me to inform me that it is snowing!!! Bitch.

Make me miss London only. One of our mutual friends is going to London end of the year for holidays. Sooooo jealous!!!! T___T

I miss youu..

Christmas tree.

Guess what I found Nifer? Haha taken at the temple in Oxford Circus! Nifer was the one who convinced me to go to the temple when I was so far away from home..

Winnie and I on webcam and msn years ago..

And cs!! On msn and webcam with me many many years ago...I was still in London and he was in Kuching, working already..

He took a photo of me on webcam!! I wonder do you still have the photo bee? :)

One more. Aren't you glad I took these photos then? :D

Nifer cooked Penang laksa for us one fine day (after much nagging from Shirley and I). I miss those days of living together..

After class, going to have sushi with classmates..Buffet for £14 if I remember correctly. 20 plates of sushi max. No matter how hungry we are, no one (not even the guys) reached 15 plates. 20 plates may sound like too little, but it is quite a lot..

Nope. We are not in Switzerland. This is Leicester Square. And yes it was really 5:51am. It was so bright cos its June. Summer. Sunrise at 4sth and sunset at 10 sth. I kinda miss it. In Kuching, we can't tell the seasons go by. Its winter. Its Christmas. It should be dark all the time. And freezing. I want to experience that again.

And I am still wearing that shirt to work. =.= I so need new clothes.

Anyway, this was after clubbing at Heaven and half dead going for McD waiting for the tube to reopen so we can go back home! Crazy people. Only students can afford to live like this now...

Oh and before I go. Four seasons duck is so overrated!! How is it the best duck in the fucking world? Their reputation is so undeserved. Sure its good. Tender. Tasty. Oily. Rolling in fat.

Four Seasons Duck is also slightly burnt at times as evidenced. This was the Chinatown branch.

This was the Bayswater branch.

I am just saying. Hong Kong noodle house duck can rival this also what. I think ang mo's seriously need to taste more duck outside of Four Seasons. Sigh what the fuck am I talking about. Its not just ang mo's raving about Four Seasons.

When I read blogs, or talk to people who come back from England, they all rave about Four Seasons?! Why! Just because you are surrounded by all that Mcd, Burger King, Pret A Manger, and lousy Chinatown food, does not mean that Four Seasons Duck is super awesome.

Sorry I am just saying. Different people have different taste.

Disclaimer: This does not mean Four Seasons duck is no good ok. It IS good. But why so fehmes?! Weird. We don't see HK Noodle house, or that shop opposite Tun Jugah like that?! Hmm sorry lar. I know I am being slightly unreasonable.

Lazy to disclaimer some more.

Gotta go. Cs is pestering me to sleep. He is unreasonable. Heh heh. It is only 1030pm.

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