Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kah Yee and Frankie's Birthdays!

So photos from last Friday night! Two birthday parties that are split into Round 1 and 2. Heh heh. Round 1 takes place at VA (where else) cos Kah Yee's mum is a regular at VA too!

So we kiasu people (mum, winnie and I) arrived at 730pm to start drinking. Actually just mum and Winnie cos they were done much earlier than me and keep pestering me to hurry up - so I burnt my face with my curling iron =.= Slight burn only lar. Nothing serious. Needless to say it was a bad hair day. So no camwhore photos to start with.

Wait let me rant a bit. In addition to the slight burnt on my face, I have an outbreak of pimples and mosquito bites on my face! I look terrible! Like I have chicken pox!!! Sorry must whine whine whine until it goes away..

Back to topic. Kah Yee's 22nd birthday! Her exact bday was on 30 Nov actually but whatever birthdays are always an occasion to celebrate. Its an excuse to party one, two, three times or more. Up to the birthday person!

Nobody bought a cake =.=

So we made do! Birthday pizza! Pizza-cake!

One more photo of the pizza:

For those who can only watch from afar. Hehe. It is good!

Winnie have taken to bringing out two of these dices when we go drinking. Instead of numbers, they come with words such as: bottoms up, drink two cups, drink at will, drink half cup etc etc..

The bad thing about the game is, when you only have three players like us that day, it is so DAMN HARD to finish your drink lar. Before you finish one cup, its your turn to roll the dice again!

So we stopped pretty quickly. But at least the game makes you tipsy very fast. We changed drink 2 cups to drink 2 gulps. Impossible to finish two glasses of whiskey coke just like that. Siao.

One of the better looking group photo!


I left VA at about 1030pm. Cs came to pick me up and we went to the Core where people have only just started arriving and thus just started drinking.

Me? I was very happy by then already. I already did not notice the crowd. Happily under the influence of I think 5 glasses of whiskey cokes and some beer. Just a bit.

Barely 2 mins after I arrived, Frankie pushed me to play a game where you have to roll a dice (normal one). Lazy to explain the technics of the game. Bottom line was no matter whether you win or lose, you have to drink a whiskey shot. I obliged.

Whiskey shots!

But after that, I instructed cs to: NOT LET ME DRINK ANYMORE ALCOHOL TONIGHT.

If I had mixed some other alcohol after that, I would be past tipsy. But as it was, the night passed by quite amicably. No hangovers, no headaches. Nice..

Move your body!

I have not danced like that for a long time. It felt good. And my body was aching all over the next day! But it felt good!

Frankie paid for three bottles of Black Label, as well as plenty of snacks. Alot of lok lok and chicken wings. So everyone had a good time eating and drinking.

Birthday boy apparently had too much fun though. Heh heh. I won't go into details though because he deserves some dignity. :)

Group photo of the night!

FYI, Core is actually not as crowded as before, therefore its nice to go back to Core again.

Last time, when Core was popular, I hated the rowdy, pushing kids on the dance floor. Bah. But now, the crowd has shifted to other places - simply because there are more choices at Travillion now I think. More pubs opening, so less people frequent Core.

Which is fine by me. That night, there were only a handful of tables, and it was never too crowded. Nobody pushed me and I pushed nobody. :p Nobody stepped on my feet and no one almost burnt me with the ciggie butts. Don't you just hate that?!

Anyway. That was my Friday night.

P/S: Its public holiday tomorrow again! Yay! Awal Muharram. Yay for holidays!

What should I do tonight? Hmm...

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