Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fire at Seng Goon Garden

I don't think most people know about this incident. I googled it up and found this under Borneo Post. *click to read original article*

But if you are too lazy to read, allow me to explain.

On Nov 20 2010 (about 4am), the residents of Lorong 5 at Jalan Seng Goon awoke to find some of their vehicles on fire. I stay at Lorong 5 btw. There were four cars that caught fire, including one in front of my house (old house), in which Kevin is staying. We are just opposite the road.

One of the car that caught fire - the Myvi in the article belonged to my brother's gf. The article said that it belonged to a guy. Wrong. But that's not the point.

The point is why are there four cars on fire on that same night. Who and why would they do this?

This is her car:

Its a total loss. The car can never be used again. Her car was one of the worst damaged among all. Poor thing.

Dad and other neighbors woke up at about 4am to help put out the fires. Some people were afraid the car would explode and were afraid to go near. But they put out the fire in the end.

Where is Bomba and Police you ask? They arrived after everyone managed to put out the fire. Just in time too.

The fire was so close to the gate already. The auto gate box was half melted already. If the fire had spread into the carpark, it would be terrible. No one would be able to put out the fire by then.

Both Kevin and dad's cars are in the carpark. Again that is not the point. The point is, if the fire has already spread to the car park, then the carpark roof would be burnt too, and so would the neighbors and on and on..

And that would be very dangerous and disastrous.

After that incident, nobody dared to park their cars outside the house anymore. We just didn't feel safe anymore.

And now. Not even a month has passed yet. It has happened again.

Last night or early this morning in fact. Dec 15 2010.

I woke up at about 4am to pee. Going back to bed, I heard men shouting. Loud noises and then glass breaking.

I thought it was burglars. I leapt out of bed and ran to my bedroom window, where the noises were coming from. Behind my house.


I was so shocked! FIRE!!!


I ran and woke Winnie up. Then the two of us went to wake our parents.

The fire was closest to our house. Dad went to the back to drag our hose over the wall to help put out the fire.

I ran to call Bomba and the police. Btw, does anyone have the proper/exact number for Bomba?

It was so frustrating! Winnie said the number was 082 234444.

After the car burning incident, we have saved the number down. We learnt to be more alert during the night. Wake up to investigate if you hear anything! Any sounds at all! Don't ignore it!

Anyway, the number for Bomba cannot be reached. Grrr... In the end I called 999 and tried in vain in my lousy BM to convey that it was URGENT and can you HURRY UP AND GET ME BOMBA!!!

I was scared awake and thus stuttering in my speech. While giving instructions to come to our place, I was praying oh God let them find our house asap! All I could repeat again and again was Boulevard. Belakang Boulevard. The more she asked me, my name etc, the more I repeated: ehh cepat datang. Cepat (Hurry up/ Come quick!)

Ahh anyway they did come after we got the fire under control again!

It was mostly dad's credit btw. Their own hose was used to put out the fire in front of the house where the car was on fire. Dad helped to put out the fire inside the house cos we are nearer. Lucky I woke up for that pee! =.=

This is the house behind. This is the view from my room:

In the middle of the night, the flames I saw were inside the house on the bottom level and in the car. That car in front.

It turns out that there was a motorbike inside the house, which was burnt and which was why the fire spread so quickly.

According to one of the guy in the house, he was awake watching movies, when he heard sounds from downstairs. He said the fire spread very quickly. Within seconds, everything caught fire downstairs.

In the Borneo Post article, it mentioned that egg trays drenched in petrol were used to start the fire. I had a look at the car this morning, and noticed that it looked suspiciously like egg trays too. Bits of cardboard.

Does this mean that they are the same people who started the fires? This is fucking dangerous ok.

Dammit why is this happening?! Again!? Twice in a month. First they target the cars outside the house, and now they try to burn down the cars inside the house! Why!

Are these just random arson acts? I want some explanation from the police. Some type of reassurance at least. Do something! How do you expect us, residents to feel safe at home.

One of the guy from Bomba said (quite nonchalantly) that oh this happened at Arang Road and Satok too. WTF. So this is happening around Kuching, on quite a frequent basis. And that is okay? IT IS NOT!!!

Twice in a month is more than enough excitement I need. Nobody wants a third time. What do you think is going to happen the third time? God no! Choi choi choi! Touch wood!

I don't mean to complain. I am just a scared resident. What can the police do on occasions like this? Patrol the neighborhood more often? Sigh. That's it isn't it. What can they do?

Catch the fucking people asap!!!

Btw, cs gave me the phone number for Bomba. He said he took it from the newspapers. I hope its correct this time: 082 241241. Anyone knows? At least we have 999 anyway when all else fails.

Never thought I would dial 999 for real and hope someone picks up the phone.

We never know how life turns out. Unexpected things happen. There is no way to predict or expect this kind of stuff. Grr.. Dad is going to buy fire extinguishers to keep at home. I really hope we dont need it anymore. But safety first.

I write this post not to complain. But to let us all be more aware and alert of your surroundings, particularly at night. In situations like this, it would really be helpful if neighbors help each other. If you hear any sounds, wake up and investigate. Don't ignore it.

In the car incident, it was our neighbors who woke up first and came banging on our doors. And everyone pulled together to help.

Sigh. I really hope the police catch this group or whoever is doing this asap!


John Harding said...

I hope there will be no third time, i know how terrified you are now. there was once armed robbery in my kampung, few houses in a row. Everyone was so scared. I cant even sleep at night, and i even changed my room so that i can sleep facing the main door of my house..I woke up every 3am just to make sure that everything is still locked.
God bless you all!!

Amy said...

armed robbery sounds worse than a fire. scary lar. hopefully this wont happen again!!