Monday, 27 December 2010

I don't know what to name this

I am back from Damai.

The trip was fun, filled with laughter as usual. Time passed by too fast as usual too. The weather was terrible though - depends how you look at it. I thought it was fine.

It started drizzling at about 3pm. It was very cloudy all day. We slept till about 5pm and woke up to go swimming. Our hotel room was directly facing the pool. It was noisy. The resort was packed and kids were screaming and running around. But. The adult pool was empty.

We were so excited! Yes! Nice weather and no adults in the pool! Good news indeed. Hurriedly dressed and ran out only to realize something is wrong!!

How can there be no adults in the pool? The resort is crowded. So crowded. As we walked nearer, we realized the pool had been roped off.

Closed for chlorination! Noooo...

Of course everyone was upset. Refund! One of the busiest weekend of the year and the pool is closed the entire day! Of course we should have suspected something was up. Something serious.

Turns out something did happen that day!

When I arrived back in Kuching, mum immediately informed me that a kid died in the pool the day before. And showed me the exact same photo of the pool in question. Yes. It is the same photo above! It was in today's paper!

Gasp! I am sooo sorry. God bless you. RIP.

I am soo sorry. And so shocked!

How would we guests know? The resort was crowded with people and when we asked the hotel staff, all they said was that the pool was closed for the entire day!

No wonder there were lifeguards patrolling the pool non stop. When there normally are no lifeguards by the pool. Yesterday, there were 3 just watching cs and I by the pool. Empty pool some more - the one at the hilltop at about 630pm yesterday evening.

They should have lifeguards patrolling the pool ALL THE TIME!! I don't suppose this is Damai's first accident nor will it be the last.

Is it wrong to feel kinda spooked? The pool is open this morning, but we didn't go in for a dip. Right now, I am feeling kinda thankful. Even though I feel slightly guilty for feeling this way..

Yesterday was a bad day all around.

Ah Ping's father passed away this morning or last night. Rest In Peace uncle.

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