Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year!!

It is New Year's Eve tomorrow! Officially the end of another year! The end of 2010! Is it me or am I the only who thinks that New Year's Eve should be ended with a bang! A party at least! Surrounded by people you love! Fireworks!

Read my posts on New Year's Eve here: 2007, 2008, 2009.

Reading back on those posts made me realize how much things have changed over the years. In 2007, I was leaving London, going back to Kuching to start a new life. Said goodbye to friends and did a crap job at keeping in touch. T__T

2008 was shit for me! I spent a good half year wasting time adjusting to my new life and accomplished nothing in the end. And when I got a job, I got cheated out of my salary by my pathetic ex boss! Motherfucker!

This photo just about sums up 2008 for me. Not just the cut on my knee, but my facial expression as well.

2009: Life was better. I had a new job and a new bf. Someone to love me and care for me everyday. Best friend turned bf. I have a stable income, albeit small. I also blogged more often now.

Btw, for the uninformed, blogging requires dedication. It requires you to carry a camera out everyday, everywhere and take photos of everything, and then uploading them, and writing them out when you have some time to yourselves. Everyday. I find myself thinking, can I blog about this at random times during the day.

Finding something to talk about may seem like a piece of cake. But finding something to talk about that does not reveal other people's secrets or bad habits or offend people, and something that people actually want to read is not as simple as you think. Oh ya and then taking crap from people for what you write. And how not to be offended when people talk crap about you.

I digressed. A lot. Sorry. Sorry.

2010: I took this photo during CNY 2010. A photo speaks a thousand words. And I am kinda out of words.. I am still in the same job. But, with cs now, I feel safe and secure. Settled somehow. Shrugs. Housewifey!! And happy about it!

I was telling cs earlier today: tomorrow is New Year's Eve. So after tomorrow, life should be back to normal somewhat.

He disagreed. Life won't go back to normal yet. After NYE, its time to get ready and prepare for Chinese New Year. Buy new clothes, buy food and drinks, clean the house. Not in that order haha.

Then, after CNY, it is time to start worrying about our wedding. *gasp!! Oh my!! Time does flies and from this side, it seems much closer than it is.

I have already started planning but everything is still in the early planning phase. I can still ummm and ahh about many things. But after CNY, oh shit. Time to diet. For real, I mean. Care for my complexion, decide on wedding dresses, MC, entertainment, and oh mannn that guest list.

OK. Calm down Amy. Still far away. Pfft. How about honeymoon? Shit shit shit! Haven't informed some relatives! Perfect! Perfect! Life is perfect!

No really. I know I sound sadist or emoey or whatever in my blog. But I am not in real life. Really. I am smiling at everyone. Humming to myself in the shower. Head bopping to the music with my earphones on in front of the laptop now. Life is upsa-daisy.

And I am very much looking forward to 2011!!!


P/S: Its public holiday in Malaysia tomorrow! Muahahhaha. Even more reason to celebrate. Its Friday, New Year's Eve and I AM NOT WORKING! HEHEHE.

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