Saturday, 6 November 2010

Shooting star search

Last night (Friday) Nov 5 2010, found cs and I at the new house.

The plan for the night (to me) was: tapau Mcd for dinner. Go swimming for exercise and relaxation. Walk back home and change then wait for shooting stars at midnight.

Cs: huh?

Yes, you heard me. Shooting stars. I googled the info already. We are going to wait for shooting stars or meteors whatever at around 12 am to 1am. At the poolside.

According to sources all over google, the next major meteor shower should be on Nov 17. Around 3 - 5am Universal Time. At least, that's what my research tells me wtf!

But being so impatient, Nov 17 seems so long to go. So I shall settle for minor meteor showers. Which should be on Nov 5 and Nov 12. Both Friday's. Yes. I can stay up to watch the sky no problem!

You must be thinking: what brought this on?

Well, that night at Damai, after alcohol, a few of us went to the beach to lie in beach chairs and talk. One of the topic was shooting stars! See Luan said that she saw two shooting stars with ah Ping last month at Damai Puri.

The night was full of stars, they just laid there looking up at the sky when they saw two shooting stars. Slow ones moving through the sky. And made their wish immediately: to be rich!

And according to them, they won toto the next day! So lucky!

So yea. Call me crazy or silly whatever. I don't know or care if this counts as cheating. Me googling the info for shooting stars beforehand.

I have my wish in mind already. I will continue waiting night after night. Wish me luck!

I should have made more research though. Research for Kuching weather to be exact!

12am came. Cs and I were waiting by the poolside, staring at the night sky. We brought mosquito coil, beer, and snacks and a phone (to tell the time).

And waited..and waited...

For the clouds to part. Dammit it was so cloudy. There were hardly any stars last night.

Plan failed!

Never mind. My patience will be rewarded. And when I do..let's see who's laughing! This is directed at cs btw. Haha

Photos from earlier in the night when we went swimming.

Notice the house with the blue lights there. Quite a stand out don't you think? Pretty? Or not? Hmm..

Oh yes. Photo of our bedroom:

Better looking photo for the previous post.

The bed is taking up quite a lot of space. So much that we decided the bedside table we bought won't fit in. Oh well. Put it in the other bedroom for now.

This looks like I was dancing in the water..

So cloudy!!

I should have known. Earlier in the night, it seemed like rain. A bit of wind, and a lot of clouds. I should have seen the signs. Sigh.

Running home cos it was cold!!

This photo probably looks weird but residents here are probably used to seeing half naked people walking up and down the streets at night..

Cs in his swimming trunks..(not underwear)!

Oh well this is only my first try. Its bound to get better and I will see a shooting star or more soon. Nov 17.

I am going to try to wake up at 4am. After I check the weather forecast!!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha at least get cs to wrap in a towel/ wear bath robes before running home in a trunks la...i would call the police if i saw something like that around my house area..LOL. Nana

Amy said...

hahahha is it that bad?? ok time we bring extra towel.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i guess u got used to seeing it that's why...imagine Ong walk around shirtless at our house compound...ppl sure stare at his stomach LOL!!

cs said...

haha but i always see my neighbours wearing swimming trunk and swim suits walking around here.. everyone used to it already gua.. haha

Nana said...

hahaha ok ok