Thursday, 10 July 2014

31 weeks update

Hello. Yet another pregnancy post yawn. That's my life now. Wake up, work, go home, rest, work, eat, sleep, work, boring. Hardly go out on weekends even. 

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because I’m not really. I’m just trying to jot down my feelings right now at this point in time. I wonder how Nifer’s feeling these days. Hmm haven’t talked to her in ages.

Anyway. Moving on.

Comfort wise – there is no bright side. If its not neck ache, its upper back pain or lower back pain, or pain in ribs, or pain in sides, or pain in my hooha (TMI?) 

I make full use of the massage chair at home and of Cs. Massage chair every night and Cs in hard to reach places (sounds wrong).  

I think it would be better for me if I don’t have to sit down at work so much. Sitting down staring at the computer is contributing to my neck pains and back pains.

Size wise – getting bigger every day. Quite amazed at how much I grew. Out of sheer perversity, I take out my old dresses in my regular size and marvel at how small it is. Then try and squeeze into them, then get upset at myself for not being able to squeeze into them (psycho). Then cheer myself up again with positive thoughts. Then whine to Cs: do you still love me/I feel fat/ (insert fake tears) Hahah joke please.

Just now during lunch time, Cs brought me to Mcd at Merdeka Mall so he can collect the Coke glass. Mehh I’m not a fan of those glasses. Why he wants them I dunno la. He thinks we can use it at the new house – quality quite good he says plus its free. Okay…if you say so. Double cheeseburger for me please. Ever since I got knocked up, I felt less guilty ordering double cheeseburger. Hehehh I need the extra calories what and stomach is only going to get bigger no matter what I eat. Bright side!

Then after Mcd, we went to Cotton On so I can stare mournfully at the clothes I cannot fit into. Hahah joke please. I did ask him can I have a reward i.e. shopping spree after giving birth when I’m back to my old size? Him: ok. We agreed on a budget and I’m happy again. This is him saying ok now..but we shall see by then. 

I tapau-ed a Frappucino back to the office. Happy me again. Felt like I went back to the office grinning from ear to ear. So unlike the me that walked out at 12:30pm earlier. 

Technically its still lunch time so surfing is still ok.

The other day I was in a forum for prego women due in Sept. One topic stood out: what is the silliest thing you cried about recently? (due to hormones) Oh man it was sooo funny the range of answers. I particularly liked one about this woman who bought kebabs, but there was not enough cabbage on them, which she opened when she reached home. She cried then went out and bought a whole cabbage and finished it by herself HAHAH. There were many more funny answers but I can't remember them now.

For me, I don’t particularly cry over stuff. Only when I’m super tired and concern from Cs makes me cry. Just a simple: are you ok baby? makes me cry. But that was weeks ago. Nowadays I’m back to normal (or so I like to think hehe).

OK that wasn't much of an update but its good enough for now.

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