Thursday, 24 July 2014

Now it hurts

Countless times I have actually cried out loud suddenly: owww! And Cs gives me a look. I nod back at him and we continue our conversation normally. It is that common already.

Insert vain photo first since I seldom put on makeup these days.

Baby girl, you’re trying to scrape mummy’s insides raw is it? That’s what it feels like sometimes. Other times it feels like a huge wave from one side to the other (that’s when she’s turning.) Sometimes I get jabs in quick succession on one spot non stop and at another spot simultaneously. This feels like her throwing a tantrum because it must be her arms and legs flailing/kicking together. 

Her movements changed somewhat at about 29 weeks I think. It became less kicks. Mostly its rolls, squirms, and just random movements. But make no mistake, it hurts!!! 

She’s a morning person – particularly active in the mornings. Last time she quieted down after I ate something. Not now though. I had a bowl of cereal with milk this morning and a glass of honey. Moving around nonstop. So I have another slice of bread with peanut butter and a slice of cheese. She’s busy digesting the food now I expect.

I have felt the famous Braxton Hicks contractions once so far (touch wood). It happened one night as I was lying down on the bed. Felt like my stomach was contracting. If felt like a series of tight squeezes. With every squeeze I held tightly to Cs’ hands too. Scared the hell out of him. Scared the hell out of me too (am I going into labour????!!!) Think it lasted about 5 to 10 mins before I went to toilet and checked for any bleeding. Nothing. Peed and came back to bed. Miraculously it stopped. Phew. But it was only days later did I realize hey..that must have been Braxton Hicks!

These days, I commonly feel a foot lodged in my ribs or sides. The ones at the sides hurt. Last night I wanted to show Cs some songs on youtube, but baby apparently likes or hates music, I dunno. Maybe she's dancing inside. She moved nonstop to the music and I got scared. Hurriedly shut down youtube cos those movements hurt. Sorry baby..promise you can dance after you come out k?

Good hair day. Showing you my backside cos I would like to think from the back you can't tell I'm prego. Took these photos on July 13. Dad's birthday dinner at Merdeka palace. Deja vu walking past VA. All those memories good and bad hahaa. 

This photo not clear enough to show off tummy cos its a black dress. I hardly wear bodycon dresses but dunno why I felt like wearing it that day. Might as well flaunt the tummy when I can eh. Wore this to go to a buffet dinner some more. Damn regret - it was so tight after eating and I had to keep tugging the dress down cos it got shorter. 

This one much clearer. Mom got me the dress from Taiwan. Its pretty but kinda tight in my upper half. Didn't stop me from wearing them though. I'm running out of clothes to wear - I keep wearing the same ones to work. Oh well. Not long to go I hope.

I miss shopping. I would randomly open up blogshops and browse through but didn't Add to Cart la. As much as I believe in my own determination and willpower to lose all baby weight asap, who knows how long it'll take right?

Plus I heard your hips get wider after giving birth. Noo. Bra size increase ok but not ass size please. 


Change topic.

Just now in the lift, I met these two angmoh's. They said thank you to me when they left the lift, when all I did was press level 4 for them and hold the door open for them. I take this ride everyday, 3 times a day. Locals will most of the time: 1) ignore 2) say thank you half or less than half of the time 3) continue chatting loudly/shriek with laughter and walk out of lift still shrieking like a hyena (pest control please).

For me, I would say thank you or smile and nod my thanks if I know the person.

Its just one small example of how angmoh's are so much more politer than locals. I know not all. But majority are. I also know not all locals are like that but let's face it. Majority of Malaysians are rude. 

I hate it when people rush in from the other side when I opened the door. Especially now that I'm prego ok. You wanna knock me down issit? I can't dodge as fast as I can anymore. Rude. 

There was this elderly angmoh guy who held the door open for me. I said thank you and smiled. But his wife (I assumed she's his wife) behind him scowled at me and said: he should be opening it for me. Me: errr... not my fault eh woman. So yea polite husband and rude wife. Baffled me.

When I just went to the U.K., I learned to be more polite. Always use please and thank you. Sometimes you have to say thank you many times in a conversation. One of the stores I worked in, to open the toilet doors, customers have to ask us staff to do it. We press a button under the counter and say "pull the door please". But honestly after the 1,056th customer of the day, I just say: pull the door (no smile). Manager walking by (whisper in my ear): please! Pull the door please! 

Ish. Got reprimanded. That's just one small example.

When I came back to Kuching, it was hard to let go of all my please and thank you's immediately. I go around thanking everyone, to the amusement of my friends.

But unfortunately, after encountering so many rude people, I slowly became one of them. I lost patience and started being rude back. Because it was easier. I still say thank you but not repeatedly anymore. Lost the "please" along the way. Lost the smiles along the way too.

Its a shame though. 

Just wanted to say that after encountering those two people just now, I want to sort of reclaim it back. Make an effort to be less bitchy/rude to certain people la. If you're rude to me first then can't blame me ah.

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