Thursday, 5 June 2014

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'

The little one seems to be into somersaults these days. The first few ones were cute (they're still cute now only slightly more painful).

Yesterday in the office, I had one hand on my tummy as she practiced her flips and kicks, and I felt a huge wave. I knew she had turned from my right to left. It was surreal I tell you. It was also suck-in-your-breath-try-not-to-cry-out-painful. It felt like a wave from one side to the other. I call it the tsunami.

Yesterday when I'm lying down on my bed, she did one of her painful flips and I was too scared to move. Seriously I think my pain tolerance is quite low la! I asked Cs to look down at my stomach. I know and can feel a hard bulge where her head or leg is. It bulges out at one spot. Weird. For Cs, its always a proud moment. Every time I relate one story to him, he'll be all: baby girl smart. Good girl. Daddy loves you. Complete with lots of kisses and pats. =.= I guess we know who's gonna spoil his daughter in the future.

Sometimes I wonder is it certain foods that I ate that made her react more? I didn't have any sweets or chocs recently. Gonna break that fast actually..just bought myself a packet of skittles. Don't know why the cashier looked at me and asked: u want all that?

Me: (confused) yaa...

Heyy. I only bought a packet of skittles and eclipse what. Not that bad.You should see me at Ta Kiong standing at the chocolates aisle, looking at ice cream, filling my basket with junk food then taking it out. Or else walking by trying to ignore the chocolates calling out to me.

So I put one hand on my stomach hoping to convey to the woman that I'm pregnant - baby wants that ah. I'm not just fat.

As I get closer to the third trimester (yikes! where did all the time go??), I'm experiencing more back pains these days. Every morning I wake up with back aches or neck or shoulder aches. Boo.. I know pregnant women are supposed to sleep on the left side and its more comfy for me. But its not comfy for her apparently. Like last night, as soon as I turn on my sides, she won't stop moving till I go back on my back. Which makes my back ache. Oh well.

Keep your eye on the prize mi.

3 more months and I can see who's been kicking me so often hehehe. Can't wait! 

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