Friday, 6 June 2014

It's been a while..

Memes from Sunday Stealing.

Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? 
Don't remember..actually quite recently but I don't remember why.

What was your last alcoholic beverage? 
I had a sip of Cs' beer last weekend. :X

Who can you trust?

Where was your first kiss with your current significant other? 
Don't really remember..probably at my house.

Favorite Band?
Tidak ada

What is something you've learned about yourself recently? 
Gawd I'm boring..duno la..nothing new.

Do you like anyone?
As in a crush? Nope. Happily married.

Do you know anyone who is engaged? 
Kitty Lo

What's your favorite number?

Who was the last person to make you cry?
Probably my daughter due to hormones.

Did you ever go to camp as a kid? 
Camp Permai counted? In Primary 6. It was compulsory for 3 nights I think. It was fun!

When was the last time you cried? 
Not too long ago. Last week?

What is one thing you miss about your past? 
Being able to travel whenever I want. Younger. More carefree. My health.

What is one thing you've learned about life? 
Don't take it too seriously. Off the top of my head. No la. Life is serious. But have to have plans at least or you'll wake up one day 50 and regretting stuff like not taking better care of your health when you were younger, or not saving enough money and living paycheck to paycheck.

 Are you jealous of anyone? 
I'm jealous of anyone who's going to holiday or is on holiday. I'm jealous of people who can work from home and take care of their kids. I'm jealous of people who don't need to work and can afford to stay home goyang kaki. Heheh.

 Is anyone jealous of you?
I doubt it. But then grass is always greener on the other side eh?

Has a friend ever used you?
Dunno.. maybe?

 Has anyone recently told you that they like you more than as a friend?
No..the growing stomach discourages that.

Who was the last person you drove with? 

 What are you looking forward to?
September! Or 5pm. :)


The For Old Times' Sake Meme

When was the last time you swam in a pool? 
Couple of months back when we stayed in Riverside or was the last time in KL? Forgot.

 Do you like to party? 
With the right people, yes. 

Describe the shirt you're wearing? 
Black loose tank top from cotton on. I gotta go get more of the same style.

What is one feature film that you don't like? 

Would people describe you as happy? 
I suppose so cos I'm mostly smiling. Unless I'm working. 

Sleep with or without clothes on? 
With. Baby, its cold. 

Does it bother you if people swear around you? 
No la. 

Do you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays? 
Thurs cos its closer to the weekend.

Like to travel? 
Correction. Love to travel.

Think you're attractive? 
To an extent, yes.

Are or were you a good student? 
I was an ok student.

Are you currently happy? 
Hmm yes. TGIF.

Colored or black-and-white photo? 

Do you consider yourself the life of the party? 

Do you drink? 

Do you make fun of people? 
Yes. Hahah..

Do you think dreams eventually come true? 
If you work hard, it might.

Favorite fictional character? 

Go to the movies or rent? 

Have you ever moved? 

Have you ever stolen anything? 

How's the weather right now? 
Cloudy..haih these questions are damn boring.

Last time you cut your hair? 
In KL.Regretted it. Fuckin expensive for something that doesn't look like much of a difference.

Last person you talked to on the phone? 
Cs. Yawn.

Last time you showered? 
This morning. Yawn.

Loud or soft music? 

McDonalds or Burger King? 
Mcd burgers, BK fries.

Night or day? 

Number of pillows? 
2 - one on my head and one long maternity pillow that's taking up so much space. 

Piano or guitar? 
Both. I used to learn organ. Forgot almost everything by now. 

Current longing? 
My bed.

Current disappointment? 
This meme.

Current annoyance? 
This meme. 

Last thing you ate? 
Chicken pie that Nancy tapaued. 

Last thing you bought? 
Probably Mary's present last night.

Pick a lyric, any lyric or a song...
All your perfect imperfections..

Pick a movie quote...
Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.


Do you have another window or tab open? If so, what are they for? 
Tab. Proudduck. You read her blog? She's funny..go read.

Do you like to cook/bake? 
Yes to both. I want a dream kitchen. Currently dreaming of a breadmaker and looking up lots of recipes to try. Don't think its the right time to get one though hmm..

What are you currently listening to? 
Mouse clicking and the printer.

How long have you lived in the house you live in? 
Less than a year.

Are you tired? 
Yes. Body aching - might go for a massage later.

Do you pick your words carefully, or just tend to blurt everything out? 
Depends..I guess I'm somewhere in between. I don't blurt it out but I don't take soo long to reply either.

Are you nice to everyone? 
If they're nice to me first.

Have you ever tripped in public? 
Yea. Last time I would have kek sat - pretended it didn't matter. But now I laugh/brush it off easily. I guess aging does somewhat thickens the skin.

Are you a morning person or a night person? 

Is it easier to forgive or forget? 
Forgive. To forget takes more time.

Is there something that’s recently shocked you? 

Which is harder: walking away from somebody you love or coming back? 
Hmm..I dunno cos I've never done either.

What were you doing at midnight last night? 
Scrolling through my phone when I should be sleeping. Regretted it at about 1:40pm just now.

What color are your eyes? 
Asian brown.

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