Monday, 23 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Contains spoilers.

I just finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. If you click on the link, it brings you to the pdf document. Free ebook. I only heard about the book cos the movie's coming out. I needed new books to read anyway. Might as well try this.

Its basically a teen novel about the life of 2 teenagers: Hazel, a cancer patient, who meets and falls in love with a boy (Augustus) at her support group. Its a "they fall in love and someone dies kinda story".

I thought that it would be Hazel who died, not her boyfriend, Augustus Waters. But yeah still a good read..interesting. It made me tear up at the part where Augustus' cancer got so bad at the parking lot when he went out to buy cigarettes (he doesn't smoke - read the book yourself). Sad too because it only reminded me that dad has cancer, and sooner or later he will be gone..preferably much much later please God. 

I know if Winnie is reading this, she'll be thinking: wtf are you reading such a sad cancery book???!!! 

It sounded interesting what. And it was inspired by the true story of the author's friend. From Wikipedia: The novel was also influenced by Esther Earl, a girl whom Green was friends with who died when she was 16 years old of thyroid cancer. 

But the author has stated that the girl in the book (Hazel)'s story is not the same as Esther's story. 

That said, I still want to watch the movie when it comes out. July 14 I think, if anyone is interested.

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