Friday, 30 May 2014

Life these days updates x12344

Some photos I posted on Dayre already and some not yet. I just want to keep this blog updated still. But most times I don't know what to write about. Its like Shirley asking me: how are you? Me: the same. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Boring. :)

This was from his birthday on the 22nd. Didn't do much..he went to play badminton on the actual day. I encouraged him to go cos its his first love. But he was feeling guilty or torn I think for not spending time with me. Found a note he left me before he went out. Hahah. Sweet nya. Sorry we're so clingy yeah..I'm also wondering when this would change lol.

Its been 6 years since we started dating and 12 years since we became friends. He's still my favorite person to do nothing and everything with hehe.

Took this pic to show off the cup. He bought that glass cos it looks interesting. Basically if there's water inside, it won't stop changing lights. Maybe its good for kids eh? 

Kids was the last thing on his mind when he bought it though. He wanted it himself. I was hoping to prank Eli or Winnie. Hope Winnie don't see this post yet so I can ask her pour me a glass of water and watch her reaction. :D

This cake is here as a reminder to myself to stop eating so much desserts hahah. My weight went up 2 more kg the other day and as soon as I saw the scale, my mind sort of blanked out and all I thought of was whining to Cs. Sorry. 

Kevin behind me, on the other hand, went: ur still weighing yourself??! You're pregnant! You're supposed to gain weight idiot! Ya you don't have to give me a pep talk. Kev does it all.the.time.

This was my meal while watching Thomas Cup finals. Pizza is my weakness. So are little baby girl shoes. Oh mann have you seen how cute they are?? Especially if they are attached to fat chubby legs like these:

I just click Add to Cart most of the time. Take my money, take it all. I'm trying to restrain myself now though. I have plenty of practical things to buy now instead of spending on these cute stuff. Hahah.

Speaking of cute, here are some recent Cherrie pics:

When she looks like this, I just call her si manja. Eli treats her like her own baby.

Dumb dumb look.

Been surfing pininterest trying to look for ideas/themes for baby girl's room soon. I don't really have a proper theme yet except white and pink.

But I gotta think long term man. What if I have a boy next time? My cousin was telling me the other day: buy neutral color clothes in case you have a boy. Oh ya, forgot that part. A bit late for that now to be honest. Hahaha. 

So yeahh..I'll try not to paint the room pink yet.

Gray and pink combo looks good too. I gotta get myself a comfy arm chair.

OK last photo of me. Bye. Rushing off now. Hope there's not too many grammar mistakes. No time to re-read. Bye.

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