Monday, 12 May 2014

How I celebrated my (sort of) mum-to-be's day

Sometime last week I posted (jokingly) on Facebook along with a picture of my bump: Is it too early to ask for presents for mother's day?

I didn't think anything of it. It was just another joke I said to Cs, along with: can you help me give birth? I'll be pregnant for 9 months, then after that its your turn..try squeezing her out your *** hole. Hahaha. Joke. When he went ewww...I said nah nahhh..that's how I feel. 

Anyway. Yesterday, when I opened the door, I saw him standing there holding a bouquet of flowers. I was speechless cos it was a total surprise. I didn't do anything to deserve this yet. I didn't go through labour yet. I didn't go through painful, bleeding nipples, or sleepless nights, or change countless diapers. All I did was whine to him. But he put his hand on my belly and said yes you did. Baby girl's in there. You're a mum now too.

I think he's feeling particularly emotional cos he's been watching her kicks every night now. Few nights back, she was particularly agitated. Think it was Saturday night. It felt like huge waves going on in my stomach. Non stop for about 15 mins. How does it feel like? Honestly, it feels alien. You could see every jab and movement on your own stomach. Very foreign but amazing too.

Winnie says she's got Cs' genes - probably playing badminton inside there. Uh huh. I still think she's swimming. 

I love Sundays! They are my replacement for the Friday/Saturday nights I used to look forward to. Now its Sunday afternoons. He finishes work and we can go dating for a few hours. 

We went to Sando Ramen (I think that's the name) at ST3. Kinda pricey I think. The prices are more or less on par with other Japanese restaurants like Rakutei etc. Me thinks la. If wrong, don't blame me.

My tiny dish of kimchi was RM5.90. Taste? Slighly spicy- nothing much to shout about. I was craving kimchi so ordered that. 

Cs' ramen was RM 18.90. Not that huge a bowl. There were 3 pieces of meat inside and half a half cooked egg. Don't think it needs to cost 18.90. Broth was good but not outstanding too. This is me comparing to Japan. Sorry. I haven't had ramen at other places recently so don't take me too seriously ok.

After that we went to Tarts & Juice Island, which is opened by one of our friends. Had this strawberry and orange juice combo. Love his juices. It had many strawberry chunks inside and very full of flavor. I forgot the price sorry.

His place is famous for their egg tarts and fruit tarts. But they're not really my thing. Never really fancied egg tarts. But Cs says they're the best he's tried in Kuching so far. Trust him cos he's 1) a picky eater 2) always buying egg tarts from other shops to compare. So yeah.

Last night's outfit for dinner with the in-law's. Bought this dress from Taobao for like RM 30. Cheap and doesn't look that cheap! Win win situation.

We went to Big Oven again. But this time I didn't like it. They provided a mother's day special menu instead of their normal menu. We shouldn't have ordered the pork platter. Meat overdose. Lots of pork ribs, three layer pork etc..if that's your thing. 

OK. Last photo of happy me. Thank you baby. I don't know what did I do to deserve you. But thank you. 


Feeling particularly chatty today and bored. Lemme just spew rubbish from my brain ah. Might be TMI be warned. Since I don't think much people actually read my blog, I'll say whatever I want.

Just now when I went to toilet, I saw a loooong curly hair on the toilet seat. At first I was grossed out, then amused. Wow..that's a long one. How long has this person been growing that jungle? I'm assuming its a jungle in/up there. 

Which reminds me of a conversation we had one night drinking. The group of us were sitting there with our beers when the topic of shaving came up. One guy was asking another guy: do you shave? Him: NO! Of course not. Who does that? Do you know anyone who does that? 

The guy who asked looked around at the rest of us at the table, all of whom were smiling. Guy who said no: (shocked) you mean all of you do? Hahahha. 

I was researching this topic on childbirth actually. On Malaysia forums, it seems a lot of women go waxing or get their husband's to shave them prior to delivery. For C-sect, it seems you must. The nurses will shave you if you didn't. For natural birth, it seems optional.

 From what I learned, there are more pros to shave/wax yourself: 1) its cleaner and easier to maintain after giving birth, with the bloody show, stitches and what not. Yuck. 2) well, I can't think of any more reasons but hygiene is most important, right? Go Google yourself. Apparently its a hot topic.

On this weird note, I bid you adieu. 

Nahh..beautiful flowers for you to get that mental image out of your head.

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