Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Life these days

Hello hello. Been neglecting my blog. Has it been 2 weeks since I updated? I'm on Dayre almost every other day though. Very hardworking there. Easy to update and stalk people. Actually I don't follow much people. Just the same few blogs I read normally.

So I received a parcel from Shirley few weeks back. Its her babyplus! She lent it to me cos its damn pricey here. Thanks ah anakliew! Its basically a prenatal learning system. Nifer told us about it when she was pregnant. So we all started using it.

The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is a set of sound lessons that resembles the mother's heart beat (cos that is the most prominent sound the baby can hear) meant to be played for a prenatal child. One hour each day. Go read the link and Google for more info. I'm lazy to explain.

Anyway. Baby girl is responding to these sounds all right. Last night she kicked so hard my baby plus shifted. Not bad ah for 22 weeks. Heheh. I was wearing my nightgown at first and saw my nightgown move with each kick. So I pulled it aside and watched as she kicked the baby plus again. Quite fun to watch the movement these days heheh. Time flies!

I found this amusing. After so many years, their medals and prizes get better and better. This time the first prize winner will get RM 400. And there are more participants than ever. I suspect its cos of the money. Cs made the medals btw and the chop. Not bad if I may say so.

Nahh belly bump pics. Very recent. Look how much I grew. Or rather, she grew. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible but I still cheat with the occasional cola. Can't help it.

I went to another doctor the other day for a second opinion. Man he was lecturing me on what not to eat. So much food in his "not allowed" list. It was depressing. I really don't think I'm that fat or that unhealthy. No milk powder. Only skimmed milk. He stopped to look at my body properly. Then: low fat milk for you. =.=

Anyway the speech stayed in my head the next day so I went to buy Weetabix from Takiong to take with my low fat milk and sugar substitute. Cos Doc told me to. Sugar substitute not that fat. Had it once. And that was a disaster. Cos Cs found a still alive crawling bug in it while I was happily slurping up mine. Must be the damn Weetabix. So we threw the entire box away. Wasting. There goes my trying to eat more oats intention.

Anyway. His words have more or less faded away from my head now. I'm just going to eat the way I'm used to la. Less pressure.

As of today, my breakfast consisted of: a bowl of wheat cereal and low fat milk, and a plum I shared with Cs. A glass of honey.

Morning snack: a banana and a packet of plain Skyflake crackers.

Lunch: ham, egg and cheese sandwich (one slice of wholemeal bread) with lots of cherry tomatoes.

Tea time: papaya

Dinner: whatever mum's cooking with fruits after dinner.

Supper: most likely milk and banana, or crackers again.

Yawn. You can yawn too. I don't blame you. Hahah.

But this is cos last night we went to Big Oven to celebrate early mother's day. For dinner I had pizza, salad, pork, spaghetti etc. Normal eating out food. That place not bad. I don't know why its so empty..must be not many people know that they have changed management.

Think we might be going back for mum-in-law's mother's day dinner this Sunday.

I wore this last night.

 Belly pic not that accurate I think cos it includes pizza and other food hahah. This was taken in the gym. Have not used my treadmill for sooo long. But i have a proper excuse this time.

At my last scan, doc said I have a low lying placenta. He seemed quite concerned and I asked him how common it was? He said 5%. Wtf?! That ain't common. (But after intense Googling and reading forums, I think its quite common ler)

Its not that serious actually. Basically I might have to have a C section if the placenta doesn't move up. Because I was 20 weeks pregnant then, I still have time for my belly and baby to grow, and this might cause the placenta to shift upwards. Just a few centimeters would help and I could have a normal birth. Fingers crossed.

So we are waiting for the next scan to find out. In the meantime, doc and Cs are ganging up on me restricting exercise, carrying heavy stuff (aka cherrie), sticking up stuff up my hoo haa. Yea, no kidding. They are scared I might bleed. Oh well.

I'm fine. Hope at the next scan, everything's fine so I can hop onto my treadmill again. 

Another belly pic. Getting quite big aren't I? Oh yes boobs grew too. I'm hoping it could get bigger some more please. So satisfying this feeling. 

OK that was an update.


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