Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kinda busy

Argentina vs South Korea: 4:1. Well done Argentina.

In between waiting for Greece vs Nigeria, I have time for a quick update.

Unrelated but.

Streamyx is weird, I tell you. Yesterday we went to Telecom and canceled our internet line and switched to the Cool Uni Pack (under Winnie's name to get a free netbook!) If you want details, here you go: Streamyx Malaysia.

Streamyx has launched this new promotion known as Cool Uni Pack for students that provides broadband services at RM 50 per month (I think). Student price. You have to pay installation fees and maybe something else.

But of course what attracts most people is that they give you a free netbook! HP Mini 210!! Lucky Winnie. I wanna be a student!

We also get a free wifi modem.

Anyway. Why am I saying Streamyx is crazy? Cos we canceled our line yesterday (Wed). We still have internet connection last night. No problem.

So on Thursday, we called them to ask: hey you guys got cancel our line or not? When you come to bring us our modem and get us wired up?

They confirmed with us on Thursday and said that yes, they have definitely canceled our line. No internet.




Oh well. Let's see when I get cut off, and when they come to bring us a new netbook..

In the meantime, here are some photo updates of Cherrie!

When we first brought her back, her fur is very dark brown, almost black. Now, the color is slowly fading.

Her ears, particularly are a lighter shade of brown already. And the fur on her back is lightening as well, the more we bathe her.

I love this photo of Cherrie!

Super cute. ♥

Cherrie on my lap. In this photo, its quite obvious that her ears are quite light brown. We brought her to the vet today for a vaccination shot! She was so manja after her shot. Seriously, she whined when we came near her, or tried to pick her up. But now she is fine. ♥

In dad's arms, while he studies the World cup schedule. Heh.

OK. Its 10pm.



cs said...

haha cherrie soo cute..

Amy said...

Yes she is. :D

John Harding said...

i m so in love with your puppy!

Amy said...

Haha just saw your comment! Thanks! :D