Tuesday, 29 June 2010

1.5 years

Haha! Stupid title.

Tonight, I actually wanted to write something err lovey dovey and romantic. Something along those lines anyway. For no particular reason. Its the period/silly hormones that is making me cheesy and emo.

Then, I realized oh hell. We passed by six months without either of us mentioning our anniversary!

Cs and I, we both don't remind each other about our anniversary. You know, some people *cough*Winnie*cough* remember the dates every month. Cs and I forget every single time. I think its because, to us, there are other more important things to do/worry about every day. Also, it could be because we see each other at least 2 times every day, and we have too much to talk about everyday.

We talk about everything. I tell him about my day at work, colleagues and boss, my family and friends, while he tells me about what he did at work, who called him, who came to look for him, which school he went to. Everything. Then we provide comments and criticisms, or sympathize, then joke, laugh, and sing together every day.

Sure, we also quarrel like any other couple. I get impatient and irritable when I am tired. He is more short tempered and quiet when hungry.

When one person is angry (mostly me. Sorry baby), the other will, depending on the situation, be quiet, make me smile, sayang me back, tease me, or when all else fails, lapse into irritable silence as well.

When he gets angry at me, I normally forget my anger and sayang him back. Unluckily for me, he does not get over his anger as easily as me, but he is seldom angry at me la..

We did not start with "love at first sight". In fact, both of us were already taken when we met each other in college! He sat behind me in class 301.

Looking back now, it was a good thing we were taken eh? Or we would not have talked like we did and got to know each other so well. Ever since we met, we clicked in a way none of our friends could understand.

We talked on msn all the time about everything. Even then, we had so much to share. We were genuinely interested in each other.

We sat outside my house till past midnight talking about our high school days. All the silly, happy and unhappy things that happened. What we did at school, our hobbies, our families, our love problems, everything. It was so easy for me to spill everything to him and vice versa.

People ask now, why did it take so long for you guys to be together then?

When we were friends, we already told each other everything. And I mean everything. Including all the low down scandalous juicy stuff that happened in the past.

We even said that there was no way we could be together since we know each others deepest darkest secrets. Haha. Yea right. Swallowing our words.

But I am glad we were friends first. If we were lovers first, he probably would not have told me everything for fear that I would not accept him or something silly like that. Vice versa too. Heh heh.

We were friends first, and I trust him completely now.

So how did we suddenly get together? Even my family members were shocked/surprised when they realized we were together. I don't know how they knew though. Do we act differently from when we were friends and when we transition to a couple? Haha.

This is where it gets steamy.

Since we were best friends, we go out all the time. He brought me out with his group of friends to club, to drink, to eat. As friends. But we are also both newly single. We are both human. With raging hormones feelings. Haha!

What did you expect? Best friends with benefits!

One thing led to another. They call it happy drinks for a reason. For a very obvious reason.

Actually we have asked this question ourselves, but seriously we forgot la.

How did we get together? More specifically, which night did we do it? Haha! Was it after that night that we kissed? Or did it start in the car? In your room? Which night was it? Did it start with that drinking game? Or was it the night you came to my house?

When did we even start kissing? Just a peck on the lips first or did it go straight to tongues? Did you plan this? Purposely arranged this setting to seduce me?! Haha.

Ahh forget it. We are a couple lar wtf!

I think that is why dates are not important to us. It does not matter if we have been together for one year, or one and a half years and counting actually..

We get to spend every day together, we get to laugh together everyday, and I am very contented and happy! That is enough. If I can be with him everyday, that is enough.

I came across this old chinese song the other day. So romantic. Wait till I find it in youtube then I share it here.

Basically its saying:

The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you...

Aww...isn't that the most romantic thing ever?

I don't need diamonds and gifts. I just want to grow old with you..If I can be with you everyday, and we can still be like this, that is enough. Love me~

P/S: I bet cs would be surprised to read this post. He would have forgotten about our anniversary as well, right baby?

Btw we got together on the 28th. (we said) So technically I am still late.


cs said...

I Love you baby..

Anonymous said...

pfffffffttttttt! thats js cause i can remember the date we got together. hah! -winnie-