Monday, 14 June 2010

Karate Kid

Starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Jaden is the son of movie stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Apparently his parents produced the movie, with someone else. Don't know the name and lazy to google.

The movie is about a single mother who moves to Beijing, China to work, bringing with her, her son: Dre. Or Xiao Dre in the movie. Xiao means little in mandarin btw.

In the beginning, Dre is bullied by this bunch of Chinese kids, led by Cheng. He gets beaten up badly. One day, while being beaten up, Jackie Chan comes to help him, and agrees to help him.

Jackie Chan (Mr Han in the movie), is the maintenance man in the apartment where Dre and his mum lives. Anyway, he helped stop the guys beating Dre up, and agrees to go with Dre to the kids' sifu (karate teacher) to ask them to stop beating Dre up.

The teacher (badass) disagrees. Very mean guy. The only way he would let them leave that day, was on the condition that Dre agrees to enter the Tournament!

This is the tournament. The kid in red with the Bruce Lee look-alike jumper is Cheng. Bruce Lee's outfit is normally yellow, right?

Dre is in a Wong Fei Hong look-alike outfit! Haha.

The plot is fairly typical with some light humor. Nice.

The ending is also typical. No need to provide spoilers.

Three guesses who won.

Who said this movie isn't nice? Nice lar. Go watch.

No hero to fall in love with.

But, so? Still nice what.

Kids kicking each other's butt. Nice.

Watch it!

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