Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Its Tuesday 4th November. Time flies.

I had nightmares last night and the night before. I'm a 24 year old adult. I'm not a kid. I shouldn't have nightmares so often. Something must be wrong with me.

The first dream I had, I can still remember. So vivid. Why? Cos my dreams repeat themselves. Its the same guy. The same words. The same ending. I can remember every word in the dream. Its so real that I am startled awake in the middle of the night. Then I lie in bed and force myself to sleep.

The second dream was so gross. I was walking down an aisle in a plane, or was it a train? A guy, a stranger was force feeding himself chocolate cake while simultaneously vomiting into a plastic bag. Then, he got up and threw up at a sink. Everyone was staring at him. It grossed me out so bad, I woke up. I lay in bed panting, gasping for air and I think what is wrong with me?

The bed suddenly feels too large for me, its so cold, and the darkness looks scary. I fumble for my phone just for a bit of light.

The night before, I dreamt of two black guys in my house. One of them was trying to kill the other one. For some weird reason, I was the guy being killed. A tall, black guy. Why do I know I'm that guy?

Wish I could interpret these dreams. I'm not a kid. Why do I have nightmares? Stress??? Really?

A dream I can tell no one.

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