Monday, 3 November 2008


I am bored. And what do bored people like me do? I take my camera and take random photos.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention I have a new phone. Goodbye Baby. That's my Sony Ericsson W800i's name. Ok, I lied. It doesn't have a name. But that phone has a lot of memories ok. So many photos and videos taken with that. =)

Bye Baby.

Ok. Now welcome my new Baby. Hahahaa. I sound so lame and stupid even to myself. Shows how bored I am. Ignore me please.

Best thing about my new baby is it comes with a mirror. Perfect for me. Perfect for girls really. I basically just wanted a pretty phone with okay functions. So my new baby is perfect.

Said mirror.

Me likey.

New Baby

Side view.

Kevin got himself a new phone too. One day after I got mine. Our phones are nearly identical. His is more manly. Cos its without a mirror. Other functions are all the same.

CSI - Can't Stand Idiots.

I have a T-Shirt that reads FBI - Fabulous Body Inside. Haha. Haven't got round to wearing it yet. This is mum's phone. She pimped her phone long time ago. Some of the Bling bling's have fallen out.. Hey those crystals match my bracelet.


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cheerrliingg said...

heyaa! dinoe u haf a blogg! kekeke! will visit it often :D