Monday, 17 November 2008

Kitty's Tag

Been tagged by Kitty.

1) What's your ambition?
Please lar. I'm 24. When I was 4, I wanted to be a cleaner. A servant. Kevin laughed his ass off when he heard my ambition and teased me about it for a looong time. When I was 14, I wanted to be a doctor. Now that I'm 24, I want to be me. No ambition. Live one day at a time. Planning sucks. i want to be rich. Period.

2) Who is more important to you? Friends or bf?
I will tell my friends: of cos friends are more important.
And I'll tell my bf: ur the most important baby. =p
And i'll tell my family, my dog, anyone the same thing. haahhaa..such a phony bitch.

3) How often do you think of committing suicide?
During the very painful break up with willie. Sorry Shirley. =)

4) Do you think you have enough confidence?
Not enough apparently.

5) How many babies you want?
Unrealistically = none
Realistically = 3

6) Favourite perfume/fragrance?
Jadore - Dior, Dkny apple, britney's curious, ck women, dior addict 2. cos they're the ones in my house right now.

7) What is your goal for this year?
Its nearly end of november. how bout: not get fired?

8) Do you believe in eternal love?
I'll tell you when I survive a relationship. I thought i found the one but he was taken away from me.

9) What's a perfect bf/gf like to u? (list 10)
- cute
- makes me laugh
- makes me smile when i see him smile
- makes my heart beat faster just thinking of him
- tall, dark and handsome
- good kisser
- great in bed
- rich
- great in bed (ran out of things to say)
- great in bed.

10)what feeling do you love the most?
Is orgasm a feeling? hahahahhaa.. jokes aside, being loved of course.

11) What is your bad habit?
Absent minded. Hence the messiness, unorganized..

12) Is there anything you wanna tell the people who hate u?
who hates me? hahaha.. i'm a fake lovable bitch

13) Do you cherish every friendship u have?

14) What does flying mean to u?
Plane. Plane food. Freedom.

15) What do you crave most currently?
More money. I need a raise.

16) What feature do you find totally sexy on a guy?
Toned legs, toned shoulders, toned abs, toned arms, cute face, cute smiles, nice laugh, cute butt..i could go on and on and on..

17) Describe the person who tagged u in 7 words
cute, loud, irresistible laugh, lovable human being.

18) What have you done to make yourself happy?
Recently? nothing really. ermm..bought myself stuff?

19) What will you become in 10 yrs time?
definitely not fat, old and ugly i hope.

20) (my ques) Why is ah boi so fat?
Its in the Simon's family genes. Everyone's fat in our family. Even ah boi.

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