Monday, 10 November 2008

There is no cure for boredom

I used to frequent VA nearly Friday nights. Now, my regular haunt for Saturday nights are at Terminal One. Its a different crowd than Core and Soho. Less kids. More working adults. There's no dance floor here but it doesn't stop us from dancing anyway. There's a cage somewhere near the DJ box where some girls go up to dance. And no, I've never been up there before..

It was free flow beer and whiskey that night, on their 2nd anniversary. Yeah for me. And free dinner. Didn't take much photos. Here are some photos I took at Terminal. On separate occasions. For charles. Haha..

The view from my seat. The crowd. The photo below.

From left: don't remember her name. That's the only time I went out with her. Veronica's friend. Me, Veronica, Alina and Siaw yen.

This is one of the more recent photos. Taken this month. So, Charles any comments? Babe or no babe? Hahahahaha..

Oh yea. I took these photos with my new phone. Quality not too bad right. Now I don't have to bring a bloody camera everywhere I go. =) I'm happy.

Stella and I. Cute girl from Indonesia. She's so petite that I feel like a giant next to her.

This Saturday is the stupid company annual dinner with the stupid blue theme. I don't have a blue dress, and I don't have the money or time to buy myself a blue dress. I should wear a t-shirt and blue jeans and sneakers to the dinner and pub. I'm ranting a lot recently and ranting about the same stuff.

I look exactly like the photo above right now. Same outfit, same specs. Boring. Even my nightgown is the same. I'm bored! Work is boring. Life is boring.

Ok. I know what I need.


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