Monday, 12 April 2010

Lousy taxi drivers, and steak

I have just finished watching Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I am aware that I am very outdated. As I was watching it, dad walked by and said: again? Inwardly, I thought fuck. The parents have watched it more times than me? But this is only my first time.

Yes, the movie is brilliant. Everyone was right. I have fallen in love with Robert Downey Jr one more time. Jude Law was amazing too. And Rachel McAdams is hot. I want her body. I have difficulty believing Guy Ritchie directed this though. Somehow, he will always stay in my mind as Madonna's ex. Hmm..

I can't wait for Sherlock Holmes 2.


So. To continue from where I left off the previous post. I have so many things to talk about!! First let's start with taxi drivers! Or incapable taxi drivers! Yesh Amy is back.

Have you ever heard of a taxi driver who doesn't know where or what is Air Asia or LCC Terminal?!!

We have! Unbelievable! Outrageous! How can he be a taxi driver?!

The accused is a 46 year old male taxi driver who drove us from the hotel to LCCT. Yes, we ended up at LCCT cos cs and I were directing him! Motherfucker! That ass! When we got into the taxi, we said LCCT. He nodded. OK.

So we trusted him! Big mistake. Halfway, cs reminded him again. Just in case he was going to KLIA. Good thing we did.

Cos 2 mins later, he stopped by the roadside. Put on double signal to our shock. Turned around to face us.

Then he asked: where/what LCCT?

Cs and I just stared at each other in shock and disbelief.

Then I blurted: Air Asia.

He asked: Subang airport? Where is it?

NO! Air Asia. Low cost terminal?

He merely looked his confusion. He just stared at us and we stared at him! Then, he whipped out his phone (nokia N86) to call someone.

In Cantonese, he asked: where is er..(turns around to ask us) Air Asia LCCT?

The person directed him. Then he started the car and went off.

When we were nearing KLIA, cs and I kept our eyes on the road. He would take a turn, and slow down, then turned to look at us for confirmation. If we nod, and say yes, he would go on. If we don't know, we guess and ask him to go straight on. In the end, we had to lead him to the sign, to turn left at the junction to LCC Terminal. To lead our stupid taxi driver to the airport.

Hello? Who the hell is he? How can he be a taxi driver in KL and not know this? Its just outrageous. Ridiculous! What if it were some other foreigners? Tourists instead?

I wonder did he get fired from some office job and this is his first day as a taxi driver? Or is he even local? His English (we used English to communicate), was quite good for a taxi driver, and he looked quite decent and neat.

He doesn't look like a typical taxi driver. But his Cantonese was fluent, definitely like a typical KL person. Argh! Frustration to the max.

Is it me? No, right. Anyone would be upset! We have a flight to catch and here we are giving instructions to our driver at a price!!! I have every right to be upset.

So. Anyway.

Incompetent taxi driver aside, remember I blogged about this restaurant THE SHIP, well we decided that it was so good, we had to go again!

Complimentary bread and butter. What impressed me was: the bread was soft and warm! That is soo important! Where was it that always served cold rolls? MAS flights? No. MAS gives hot rolls. I forgot. Argh. I cant remember.

Oh oh..I know! KFC! KFC always gives you stone cold rolls right? For the snack plate. That sucks!

I have to get a better camera. In the process. I'm waiting for a gift to descend upon me! Hahaha I am shameless.

I am very impressed by the sheer thickness of the skin of their staff. Do you know, cs and I just glanced in the direction of the two staff stationed outside the main door. Immediately, they motioned for us to come over, opened the doors for us, welcomed us: good evening sir. Table for two?

Its like they were mind readers. They had no idea if we would get into the restaurant. Definitely efficient though. Even if I did not intend to come in here, I would be curious or intimidated..

Before we knew it, we were walking to our table and had menus plonked down in front of us.

I had black pepper steak. Again. Cs and I have this inside joke where we scoff at one another for having little imagination to try anything new. So this time I lose. I succumbed. The black pepper steak is calling my name. I will eat it again.

Cs chose something from the Chef's recommendation list. Some kind of sirloin steak. He won. He tried something new.

I find it interesting that foreigners (guai lous) have much more to request. They take much much longer than locals when they order their food. I had fun eavesdropping to the table beside us (yea I know eavesdroppping is bad. Bad Amy). So. this guy (I think American), was asking:

What sauces do I get with my steak? Garlic? Black pepper? Mushroom? That's it? What rice is this? Fried rice? Plain rice? Where is the wine list? What is the soup of the day etc etc was never ending.

But this goes to show how much more choices they have in their own home countries. They must be so unimpressed with the restaurant here.

We had a rather heavy breakfast in the morning, so a late lunch by around 230pm. So, by the time we were settled in here with the steak in our faces, it was nearly 9pm.

The bf was so hungry he practically swallowed everything. Not my fault in case that's what you're thinking. I didn't hold him up putting on my make up etc. It was National Geographic. He was watching some shark documentary.

I found my black pepper steak too spicy and heaty for me. By the end of it, I felt that my throat hurts. I asked for medium raw, and my steak was very bloody. I still ate it, but it wasn't as good as before.

As for the bf, this is what happens when you eat too fast. That's why our parents taught us to eat slowly:

Bloated. Indigestion.

Before the picture above, we actually wanted to burn some calories by dancing away. It was a Friday night and music was blaring from the bar downstairs. So we thought to check it out.

Hmm...maybe not.

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