Sunday, 18 April 2010


Another week has come and gone. Time flies. I cannot say this often enough. I sound like a broken record. So this is what I have been up to recently:

On Friday night, we went to Happy Garden (if that is the name don't remember). Directly opposite Spring, a seafood restaurant for dinner. The food was all right. I didn't like the iam midin (hokkien) not outstanding. I liked the mango duck. This is good. I didn't take a photo. I'm sorry. I went to google it and none of the images fit.

Oh well this means I have to go back to eat that mango duck again and take a proper photo. Haha..

Cs' skin looks so good now seriously.. So fair and smooth. Except for the occasional pimple. Thanks to me! Seriously considering should I pluck his eyebrows? I don't like the jokes about him looking like that silly Shin Chan cartoon. So yea..maybe I should pluck and trim his eyebrows. Hehe

Come to think of it, I realized there is something similar with Shin Chan and cs. Both like to show off their butts. Hahahhaa...

Hahah silly inside joke between us..

Butts aside.

After dinner, we went to Kings Arm. Its a new (quite) pub at Petanak area, the same row as Terminal One. No photos again. I like the place and I will go back. Alvin had us all playing a drinking game, where I had too much to drink and spent much of Saturday being hangover.

I thought that this tasted almost exactly the same as the other Tiger. Only difference was they gave us lemon slices. So we drink it like Corona then. With lemon.

Pretty amazing actually. I have never had too much to drink and ended up hangover with beer alone. No mixture of drinks. No whiskey or tequila nothing.

I haven't had this feeling in ages, months really. So its ok. As long as everyone had fun.

Oh yea someone (cough*me*cough) requested a birthday song for Frankie and he got a graveyard (I think) for free. I don't know if he was mad or happy actually. Haha but I have a feeling he is going to repay that favor!

During one fine lunch time, we went to Hock Lee again. This time to play this!

Jurassic Park. Killing the dinosaurs. To play this game, you need a really strong index finger! That's all. Haha all you need to do is press the trigger non stop and blindly shoot. How far off target could you be? The screen is right in front of you! That is what I thought.

But apparently I was soo off target that the actual score that came up was: Cs killed about 92% of the dinasours while I killed the 8%. Hahahha so wtf! The game is so inaccurate. Impossible! Something wrong with the score. How could I have killed 8%??? The screen was right in front of me!

I have been swimming quite often lately ever since he got his house keys. Am going back to swim tonight again! Yea. Healthy! Bringing a beer pack lar. But still healthy.

This photo below was so stupid. We were at Boulevard:

He just picked up this phone and went (in hokkien) hello. ahh..where r u? talking to an imaginary person.

While I snapped this photo..

Last words:

I'm quite worried about the travel woes due to that volcano at Iceland. Hopefully you can still catch your flight on Monday! Ehh is there anyone here who is supposed to be surprised by you? No right? OK.

Hopefully you guys can still catch your flight out of Heathrow and that you won't be affected! Good luck!

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