Sunday, 4 April 2010

Rita's Birthday at Victoria Arms

I haven't been online in ages (almost one whole day and night) shocking! Streamyx went crazy on me, no internet connection for so long. I restarted the modem again and again, and also tried to diagnose and repair but still nada.

I'm quite ashamed to say that earlier this morning, it was mum who worked her magic and got the internet working. Mum! Not me. My not-internet savvy mum! I should take it back now though since she did it. She deserves the glory haha.

OK enough nonsense.

It was public holiday on Friday (Good Friday). We, East Malaysians get public holiday! Gloat gloat gloat.

Actually not much to gloat about, we are religious people. I spent Friday morning, armed with a bucket, wash cloth, water bottles, used toothbrush, flowers, and lots of candles, visiting my late grandpa and late uncle. Visiting sounds weird, like I died too and went up to Heaven haha. So err..paying respects.

It was a very hot morning and our little Iban family were scrubbing and washing away. Yes, we are filial like that. Haha no lar. I noticed that alot of families were paying respects, cos it was also Ching Ming festival. Or tomb sweeping festival. (Duno how to explain. There, I linked Wikipedia for you.) So alot of families were out in full force paying respects.

No photos obviously. It would seem a tad thoughtless if I was snapping photos of my grandpa's grave, or great grandma's tomb. But there are plenty of photos on google images for those of you who are interested heh heh.


It was also Rita's birthday on Friday. So we wrecked havoc at VA. Literally. A bunch of already loud women with free flow whisky and a birthday celebration is not a good combination. We were soo noisy..occasionally louder than Chris, I think. And he has a mic.

Angela (the one on the right) baked the cake herself. Lihai.

It was green tea sponge cake with fresh cream. Less sugar. Perfect for us girls. Diet conscious. Actually not really diet conscious cos we ordered a shitload of food too. More details below..

Nobody wanted to stand near or take photo with the birthday girl. This is why:

Hahahhaa...This photo is hilarious. Winnie snapped it just in time.

She kept trying to stuff cake in our faces!! I managed to run away from this attack.

Mum got some of it though. So did Janet. Hehe

Hahaha...lucky no one really got a whole face full of the cake. Just bits on their cheek and hair. But it was enough hassle to try and wipe/wash the cream off.

Just in case anyone is getting ideas on my birthday! I would throw a hissy fit! Don't try it!

I saw a photo of a friend once with her face and mouth full of cake, and she was laughing delightedly in the photo. It was her birthday and she was all made up. Hair and makeup check. Pretty dress check.

But looking at the photo, I just felt sorry for her. Imagine blowing the candles off your cake then getting stuffed face first into the cake (shudder). Eww..

We always order food! The usual: Pizza Margherita from Restaurant Beccari. It costs RM 21 for a regular. RM 29 for large.

This was half of a large pizza taken ages ago. I forgot to take photos of the food that night. The price varies for whatever toppings you order. Margherita was one of the cheapest cos it only consists of cheese and tomato. Still tastes good though.

We normally have fries and/or wedges. Quite generous helping for about RM8. They also have spring rolls, chicken wings, chicken chop, and fish and chips on the VA menu..Tried all of them already. All very nice and quite generous portions for the price we are paying. I think (if I'm not mistaken cos at VA, I have already consumed quite a lot of alcohol) the more pricey ones come to RM12.50 - RM18.50 only. Cheap for Merdeka Palace, right?

Winnie with Rita and Emily.

I don't get why people care so much that there are a lot of old women at VA. So what? If you go to say, Soho, or Bar Zing, yea you have young people there. So? Do people go out to enjoy themselves aka drink or dance, or to watch other people drink and dance. Who cares what the majority of the crowd are made up of?

As long as there is good music, food, and alcohol. I dunno. Maybe I'm old too that's why I think like this. Haha

Should I try to think like a regular 19 year old guy? OK. Say I'm 19 year old: pubescent, horny and eager to scope out cute and pretty girls. I cannot drink much but still wanna act cool and hold a bottle of Heineken just cos its cool and I must pretend I can drink too. What else? When other guys ask me to drink, I drink too then secretly puke my guts out at the parking lot. Hahahhahahhaaa....

I sound sooo bitchy/evil...

Tried making silly faces for a change. In case you're sick of the pretty faces (coughcough).

Winnie take #1

Haha I put this as my profile photo on Facebook. Didn't realize that electric blue is so striking. Might continue on with this colour for a couple more weeks.

Amy take #1

Winnie's version. Somehow she manages to make it look grumpy.

Winnie take #2

Cs came to check on me join us later in the night. Ehh just realized something. Try to compare the quality of the above photos and this one below:

Cs' camera phone.

All photos, with the exception of the above, are taken with Winnie's phone. Her Nokia 6600:

Cs wanted to buy that Nokia 6600, but I persuaded him to go with his other choice. This one, which he ended up buying. Nokia N79. This is cs' phone:

Both Nokia 6600 and N79 comes with a 5.0 mega pixel camera. But Winnie's camera quality looks much better, or perhaps cs did not adjust his camera settings. I duno..I'm a camera and camera phone noob.

This is taken with Winnie's Nokia 6600. Photo quality not that bad, I think.

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