Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nothing like a night swim

I can't get this song out of my head! The chorus part just keeps repeating itself:

Tell Laura I love her
tell Laura I need her
tell Laura not to cry
my love for her will never die...

Its dad's fault. He keeps playing that CD when he takes a nap. Problem is, when he naps, I am the one who is stuck listening to it..

The victim here is not me, but cs actually cos I keep serenading this song to him. I say victim cos you have never actually heard me sing. Definitely not music to the ear. Winnie and I sound 99% alike, so when we listen to the other one singing, its enough. Enough to know that we cannot sing in public. During the rare occasion that Winnie and I sing together, sometimes we cant even tell our own voices apart.

The song is stuck in my head so much that last night, we went to Karaoke and and I requested that damn song! And I laughed myself silly cos I was warbling off key to the chorus part.

Back to topic.

I have found the best after work solution. Before this, my Friday nights were mostly spent indulging in food (read = Pizza), alcohol and sex. Ahhh nothing to take your mind off work.

OK I'm just crapping. Mostly its just alcohol, music and cs. Not necessarily in that order.

Last Friday night was heaven. I've never actually been swimming at night. (Waterpark don't count cos the pool closes at 8pm and they chivvy you out of the pool right on the dot!)

Swimming at night is the perfect solution for me. I love swimming. But in the day time: the hassle to apply sunscreen SPF 50. Swimming at night: No hiding in the shade. Nobody laughing at me while I hide in the shade while waiting for the sun to set.

(Damai) My parents told me that I was being ridiculous and that people were staring at me when I walked out from the room with a towel half wrapped around my head (since I didn't bring a hat) to the pool.

My sister told me to just get in the pool and that getting tanned will do me good.

My bf happily accompanied me while I hid from the sun, and did all he could to shield me from the sun. God I love him.

Cs suggested we go for a night swim at his place on Friday night. Happy. Since it was our first time swimming there ever since he got his keys, we were elated and very SPK.

To clarify, no cs is not that loaded. No, he does not stay in an apartment. Its a townhouse. I took this directly from their website. Its full of fancy words so don't believe half of it:

"...A resort-style private residents’ clubhouse and pool further give this neighborhood its heart and focal point. Protected by the 24-hour manned guardhouse, CCTV and intercom, you are shielded from unwelcome hassle...."

So there you go. Explanation done.

They just include a clubhouse for the residents own use plus it would come in handy when organizing a party..

There is a bbq pit. So you can have a poolside bbq party!

We brought snacks...

...and a mini cooler for our beers.

Beer and swimming does not go well. It would be nice if you're just planning to laze around by the pool. But I kept having to stop swimming halfway to let out a burp after drinking. Haha.

I loved it. It was so relaxing just laying there in the pool floating around and staring up at the skies. It was such a nice and relaxing. I felt so peaceful there with cs. I was afraid the pool would be cold, but its not. It was quite warm.

Bonus? The pool was empty. We had the whole pool and jacuzzi to ourselves hehe. It was like (Sorry let me gloat a bit pls), our own private pool.

Actually I think, it was just because not many people have moved in yet. Or cos most people do not swim on a Friday night between 7-10pm. I like that the pool is open till 10pm. So we laze around talking, eating and drinking in the pool. So syok!

Jacuzzi was off after 8pm. We asked the security guy to turn it back on but he said it was timer set. Boo..

Private pool! Can spot me?

When cs suggested we go swimming at night, I was worried that the pool would be filled with kids. But luckily no kids. Just two young adults frolicking in the pool. Kids should keep away.

I have no idea if the clubhouse is supposed to be like this always, or if it was that night. When we arrived, there were a few people from the sales office setting up tables, a projector screen etc, cos supposedly there was a pool party the next day (Sat).

But look. So pretty with all the lights..

I look so enjoy. I was. Let the bf take the photos for me. :D

I like this photo of our legs. Haha typical male vs female.

Cs' au natural legs.

Ladies have to shave, scrub, exfoliate, moisturize, and put on nail polish!

I cant wait for him to finally move in. It would be so easy to go swimming then. His place is just a 2-minute walk from the pool. How nice. I can have dinner at his place first. Then go swimming at night..

Now he is more anxious about renovating his home. Yea, I know its new. But he still has to install all the lights, buy all the furniture, kitchen ware etc...Still a lot of work.

In the meantime, poolside party, anyone?

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