Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Disclaimer: Just realized that most of my post titles are one word to sum up the entire entry.

I am so sick of pink. The color. Colour. Which is right anyway? Blogger corrects me on colour but I'm quite sure that in school, I was taught colour, not color.

Pink is so girly and it just isn't me. I wear a crystal bracelet on my wrist every day in various shades of pink.

The most obvious photo of my bracelet that I could find. (within 5 seconds)

My phone is pink! My phone came in three shades of colour: Black, Blue and Pink. I decided to take the sales girl's advice and go with pink cos they had stock available immediately, and that girls should go for pink. I'm so easily persuaded. Dumbo.

My nails were also pink in the photo above. I don't know lar. Contrary to my looks/appearance, I'm not a girly girl. I'm not a pink girl. I'm the odd one out. Always have been and I predict always will be.

I get bored with the colours really easily. Therefore, I decided on blue. I would have preferred a lighter shade of blue for my nails. Matte and not slightly sparkly like this one below.

I wanted to copy this:

This is Winnie's left foot. She had this pedicure for Chinese New Year. I liked it and tried to imitate it. Sorry for blur photos but I have yet to buy a new camera! In the progress.

Without flash.

With flash. I am so proud of myself. I qualify for a manucurist/pedicurist (what do u call them again?) I didn't add the silver to my own nails, that is about the only difference from Winnie's.

Its really easy to do. Just find a shade of blue of your fancy. Preferably lighter than my shade of blue. Cos mine are too dark, they're not obvious enough in real life. Most people just see the electric blue but fail to notice my zebra prints! It took a lot of patience to do this ok..

Then, if you don't have the very slim brush nail polish, (I just bought them a few weeks back. In Tun Jugah. Miniature Corner if you want them), use a toothpick and dip it into your black coloured nail polish to swipe it across your nails. Fucking troublesome using toothpick. I tried and you reaaly need a shitload of patience for this!

So buy the slim-brush-nail-polish. They come in all colours and cost about RM 7.80 each only. Cheap! But most colours are out of stock already cos I probably cleaned out their stock already. Including their Spring branch too. Hehe.

I've been doing the same thing day in day out. Nothing new going on in my life. Btw, staying slim is a chore! Yes, I do work out. If walking/jogging three times a week qualifies as work out? How else can I eat all the Pizza and desserts I want?

Actually no lar. Its all a load of crap. I don't work out three times a week. I only work out after I PIG OUT. Yes. That is more correct hahaa..

There. See. Evidence. Pizza is fat. But Pizza is love. Heh lucky for me I found a bf who loves Pizza as much as me. Or maybe he just loves me that's why he doesn't mind going for Pizza whenever I suggest it.

For the bf, his love lies in chicken. This sounds wrong. English. Not Cantonese. (kai = hooker) He likes KFC. Typical la. Which guy doesn't? So he orders chicken wings whenever we are at pizza hut. I'm so sorry baby. I don't love you enough to opt for KFC instead of pizza hahaha wtf!

Just realized that I find it hard to get through a post without food. I eat too much. Also hard to find photos of myself, not taken in the toilet. I camwhore in the toilet too much but shy to post up nowadays. I need to force people to take more photos of me.

I'm sorry this post has no meaning whatsoever.

Good night.

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