Saturday, 20 March 2010


Its been a while since I went out on a week night for "ladies night". FYI, most pubs in and around Kuching offer "ladies night" on Wednesday nights. I kinda forgot that feeling. It sort of brings me back to how I felt before I started working full time. Before working full-time, I went out every weekend, every ladies night, every occasion to party and drink, I would go.. I stayed out late till 3am and went to sleep at dawn.

But surprisingly, all it took was a full time job to put things back in perspective. I have only been working for less than 2 years and here I am: blogging on a Saturday night. What clubbing? What ladies night? Forget karaoke and bbq parties. God what has happened to me? I am not even married or with kids yet and I feel that working one job alone has drained me of the energy to do other things. I am so useless. No lar. Obviously I am exaggerating. I still go out but definitely less now.

Last Wed night, I agreed to go out with Winnie, mum and her friends. Apparently, one of her friends came back from Australia and it was a proper reunion thingy plus it was St. Patrick's Day! Occasion to drink.

We had originally planned to go to VA but upon arrival, the place was in a word: dead. They set up all the decorations, the waitresses and bartender wore the goofy St. Patrick's hat and they were all decked out in green. But I felt strangely as if I had stepped into a deserted pub. It felt weird.

So that was how we ended up at Travillion on a Wednesday night. Some of them went to Finest Cafe at Travillion for dinner first while Winnie and I proceeded to walk into a few pubs there to ask what is complimentary for the ladies tonight?

I am so outdated lo! Turns out its all ladies night at Rush, Pavillion, Check-in, Bar Zing. I didn't ask the rest. And they all offer free flow Vodka, Whiskey, and some places Tequila. Waahh being a girl so rocks!

Without further ado, Winnie and I settled in at Bar Zing with a whiskey coke each. The whiskey tasted off. Definitely something cheap. But I noticed that they used Absolut for the free vodka. So for the rest of the night, we had Vodka lime. Nice..

The place was quite full on a Wednesday night. Quite surprising. In the beginning when Winnie and I were alone, (She was reading her Archie comics and ignoring me) there was a table of guys beside us checking us out. And oh boy I forgot that feeling too. You know, when you're a single girl in a pub, lots of guys come up to hit on you, buy you drinks and show off their name cards. But ever since I got together with cs, we have been joined at the hip every time we go out. So I forgot that feeling. But nvm. I couldn't be happier with cs now...

There seemed to be more guys than girls that night..

Glamorous photos of Winnie cos I always post up her unglamorous photos hahahaa..

OK. Going out to dinner now. Bye.

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