Tuesday, 23 March 2010

La di di La di da

I was at Planet Amore for dinner with cs last weekend. I was quite curious about dining there cos I have been to Planet (the karaoke pub) a couple times with mum and her friends. We ordered food from Planet Amore to be sent to the pub and I was quite impressed with their portions. It is located at 3rd mile: Golden Arch. Where one of the supposedly famous laksa is at. Planet is facing the main road. Quite hard to miss.

I googled planet amore kuching and found a colleague's blog describing Planet Amore. Haha Thanks John! Coincidentally, it was also from his or Geraldine's Facebook photos that I saw these photos and therefore wanted to give this place a try. His blog captures far more beautiful photos than mine so go read it if you want to see what it looks like inside.

This is exactly why I need to invest in a camera. Not just a camera phone. Grr..But I am scared! Of myself! I really really don't want to break/drop/scratch/lose it or accidentally give it a bath. Unless I get a waterproof one. Cameras have warranty don't they? hahahaha warranty is a must.

I need my camera to be: Really Easy to use. (preferably comes with an idiot's guide) Damage proof. Bullet proof. Missile proof. Water proof. Wait, I got it!! AMY Proof!!! So WTF. Back to topic.

I need my assistant to take better photos too. Photos without cutting off my head baby!!

Anyway this photo is to show that the plates were quite big. Portions are quite generous actually. He ordered a Spaghetti with tomato based sauce. This was after two of the pastas he wanted were: I quote the waiter, our sauce iss finish. Sorry sir. They were very polite. But seriously a bit blur. Cos he ran out another time to tell us: Sorry that sauce is finish too. Order another one. So we picked the only other spaghetti left.

I ordered a Cheezy Fish. He gave me a Cheezy Beef. When I pointed this out to him, he said: you ordered Beef, no? Cs and I were perplexed cos we didn't even recall seeing a Cheezy Beef on the menu. Never mind. They were very polite and kind and offered to change it back to Fish for me but I was starving so I ate it anyway..

It came with two slices of beef, quite tender and if I'm not mistaken, they slot some cheese in between the beef. The cheese taste isn't too strong that it covered the whole beef taste. Makes sense? It came with two whipped potatoes (not nice and thus left untouched), and buttered vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), and coleslaw. This Cheezy Fish came to about RM 35 (I think. Don't remember), in case you were wondering..

This is his spaghetti which was tasteless. Seriously! First bite, I thought that I didn't eat enough of the sauce. But later, I realized that the sauce was tasteless. Maybe they ran out of ingredients or whatever. Anyway this one sucked.

We also shared a portion of chicken wings. This was sooo good. From the first bite, you could tell that the wings were juicy and tender and so full of flavor.

This is definitely drinking buddy!


This has become ritual: Eating/supper in the pub. Namely, McGregor's. It has become our regular hangout place. So far, the only bad comment I have about the place is: too much smoke! When is Malaysia going to pass that smoking ban in all workplaces, including restaurants, pubs, clubs? I was in London when they passed it on July 1 2007! They made such a huge deal out of it then. Even Singapore has hopped on the wagon. Come on Malaysia. Kin la.

McGregor's has this awesome policy that allows you to eat there. You wave down a waiter and ask him for the menu. While you're studying the menu, they go get the staff from Ren Jian Cha Fang to come and take your order. I swear that cs and I have started a trend there. Now it is common to see most tables with food after our food order arrives. Drinking always makes you want to eat or nibble on something.

We have progressed from light snacks such as nuggets, and taiwan sausage to a bowl of mee and omelettes in the pub. Haha. The staff are totally ok with it btw. They often have their supper behind the bar as well..

On this night, we are sitting at the VIP area above the bar. The VIP area is actually nothing that special. You are separated from the crowd below, and closer to the DJ. You get larger seats (couches) instead of sitting on the bar, or mixing with the crowd below. You have a further walk to the toilet. Haha. You don't even need to buy extra or anything to sit up there. Feel free to walk up. No one to stop you. At least that is what I think..

After posting all these photos, I have come to a conclusion: cs and I eat and drink quite a lot actually..

These photos below are from one night at Sidewalk. It is near Green Heights Mall.

I like Sidewalk. Its quiet enough. Beer is cheap. Food is good. With good company, the night is just about perfect.

Nice for a chill out place. Funny that the place hasn't changed in all those years that I have been there.

Wait. I go dig up old photos!

Found it!

These photos are from one night in 2005, before Shirley and I left were to leave for London! Shit time flies!

Shirley and I. Look how young and innocent we were.

Found a photo of cs. Hahahhaa..who would have thought that we would end up together after all those years? Those late night talks, and msn chats. Our silly jokes that no one could understand. I bet EVERY ONE of our friends were shocked/surprised when they found out eh? Probably except Shirley cos she knows me best.

Fast forward 5 years later and we ended up here:

Life is soo unpredictable.


cs said...

haha yea i agree with the last part: life is so unpredictable..

John Harding said...

haha.. Geraldine took the photos and it's not easy to take photos in that restaurant..the lighting is too 'fancy' hahaha..

Amy said...

cs: yup but I'm happy with how it turned out so far. :)

John: yea. the lights are so dim in there. thanks to Geraldine too then. hahah..I soo need to get a camera for myself. hehe