Saturday, 6 March 2010

Please rain more often...

No idea what to put as title. That was the first thing that popped into my mind that was somewhat acceptable to post up..hehe..

So what have I been up to the past few days? Btw, I cannot be sick. Please don't let me be sick. My boss will kill me. Ehh I seriously think I should work out more or something. Anything to make me stronger. A few friends keep telling me to work out more: go jogging, play badminton, play football. This is doing nothing good to my self esteem ok. Did I gain weight or something? Haha I know they have good intentions lar..Maybe I should take up yoga. (finally)

My excuse is that I have no companion to go with me. Who is interested in dance and/or yoga. It is the only form of exercise I deem acceptable now. Quit badminton cos I find the game boring after some time. Playing with cs is a no-brainer. Its obvious that I can never win him. I tried badminton again with cs some time ago, after quitting a couple of months. Good God! My arms hurt/ache 15 mins into the game!! Very wtf, I know. OK fine I admit I need to work out more. Cs was laughing his head off/ quite incredulous when I told him I need to rest after 15 mins.


Re-reading Enid Blyton's St. Clare's series about the O'Sullivan twins for about the hundredth time. I have probably finished reading one entire shelf at cs' book store. Most of the books are Enid Blyton's (the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Mystery series, Mallory towers) and some of RL Stine. Also some of the Shakespeare series which I did not touch..

I keep bugging him to buy more books for adults. But actually its nice. Re-visiting memories of reading these books as a kid..

Haha taukenio at work..


Earlier tonight I went to a BBQ party. It was Wee lee's birthday on Friday and we were supposed to go out to VA together but it was canceled for some reason. I went anyway (despite having to wake up early to work on Sat grr) with mum and her friends, and winnie. Cs came to join after 9pm.

Got story to tell: Before cs and I got together, still friends, when I used to go to VA much more frequently than now, he always always invariably found some excuse to be busy on Friday nights, just so he could avoid going to VA with me. Any other time or day, he would be free. I could msg him around midnight and he would come over to my house just to buy me McD, or to drink with me. He can take me out to breakfast, dinner, club anything no problem. But come Friday night and he would disappear on me. He was That afraid of joining us at VA.

Reason being, we start drinking at about 730pm and by 9pm when he comes in completely sober, we are all tipsy and dragging him to the dance floor etc. And he hates dancing in situations like these. Haha sorry baby!! Story end.

Err where was I? Oh yea VA. In case you're new to my blog or Kuching, VA is Victoria Arms, the pub at Merdeka Palace.

Ingredients for a BBQ party:

Prawn, squid, pork, clams, lamb chops, hot dogs, and alcohol.

The host, Alvin and wee lee made a cocktail. I think there was mango juice with Vodka plus something else. Here ah boon mixed the cocktail with red wine. And voila:

Seriously though the weather is too hot for BBQ. Or maybe just cos my body and cs' suck. We are both sick. Not enough rest..

Alvin made spaghetti too.

I know it looks quite unappetizing in this photo, but it tastes just as good as any other restaurant. Really!

Kitty was right. There is too much photos of food in my blog..Sorry man. I was brought up by dad to err.. indulge in food. Make food your number one priority in life. After family and money of course. No easy feat trying to stay slim in this family. There is food everywhere. I can probably not go out of the house for 2 months and still stay alive, finishing up all the food at home. For Kevin, probably two weeks and he would die of hunger. Sorry was that mean?


Found these photos from ages ago in the computer. I think it was on Christmas 2009. It would explain why we are wearing those glow stick-cup thingy around our necks..

I have not been to VA for 3 months then. After Xmas, then last Friday. In three months, they (the waiters/ess) changed uniforms and introduced Lucky Draws!

After we became a couple, cs is at VA every time I am there too. And yes, we have learned to leave him alone to take care of our bags while we go burn some calories/dancing wtf. hahaha

Night. Bye.

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