Monday, 8 March 2010

Silly stuff

I have lost my blogging mojo. Hahahhaa that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Hardly suitable to post up. What mojo? Yeah right. Blogging my ass. I barely started blogging. Why am I so dumb?

So second thought is to write what I have been up to..


It has been 9 years (wahhh!!!) since Form 5. Actually 8 years plus only. But still! Wahh..fuck time flies like fuck man. (ehh I seriously wonder can I quit swearing? Tried once, barely lasted 2 mins. Failed!)

Anyway, I received a Facebook message from an ex-classmate to attend a gathering: Steamboat dinner. I am very ashamed to say that I did not keep in touch with anyone at all. But I went anyway cos I was curious. What would we all look/act like? Turns out I am the only one who did not keep in touch with everyone. Damn I have some problems. Too shy. Always too shy to initiate first. unless its a guy of course...hehe.. that is a different story

Ahem. Err where was I?

But I did have fun that night. I let the others do the talking and yelling and shouting. They were so happy to see each other, so many things to catch up on...

I thought that I have changed quite a lot since high school. But I am still the same quiet, shy girl with the soft voice who cannot open her mouth to speak more.

Quote Dr. Kumar (my professor in Uni): Amy Simon refuses to open her mouth this semester in class! Ehh now I think of it, why didn't Dr. Kumar say the same thing to Shirley too? If I remember correctly, she was as quiet as me!! Seriously lar, who would open their mouth in Uni to debate in class like that? Only people like Wending (smart asses) have things to talk about with Dr. Kumar. Hahaha..

Found a photo from Form 5:

Spot me!

As usual, all photos are stole off Facebook! Long live Facebook too, minus all those spam and junk.

I am the (Proud) tallest girl. Hahaha.. Could be ugliest too actually. Might actually win most awkward too! Most silly smile. What else? Worst hair?


Change topic! Can't wait for holidays! One more month exactly. I wanna see this again:

I need to take photos more often. Once when I was flying from London to KL (during winter), I saw icebergs all over the ocean (yea I'm so sua pa koo), and I was so in awe.. It was so so cold even in the plane. I was hidden under the blankets, hugging a pillow and my winter coat.

Parts of the ocean was frozen and there were just chunks of icebergs everywhere. I just sat there staring out the window going wahhh wahhh wahh...and when I told friends, they went wahh wahh wahhh but no photos! Nothing to prove it! See-crew!! (don't care that I am SPK). But don't take me so seriously. I could have been dreaming. Woke up in the middle of the night and saw something white out of the window and assumed it was ice. I could be wrong. Hmm..

I want to go swimming too..It's been soo long. Hopefully this time, we manage to go swimming.

Can you guess where I am going? I am a very predictable person actually. Here's a clue:

Wrong photo. Don't know what Winnie is doing...

Quite easy eh.

I just want to go somewhere cheap, somewhere relaxing for the both of us..There, we can forget about everything. Cs badly needs the break. He is so stressed all the time.

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