Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Buffet at Four Points by Sheraton

I have finally stepped foot into Four Points Hotel by Sheraton. A bit shameful to admit this. Even my aunt has stayed in this hotel twice since it opened (she's not even staying in Kuching). When it opened, people were stopping by just to walk around the place, take photos in the lobby, by the pool, and even in the toilets. I wanted to as well but so far had no chance to go there..

Lobby, I think.. Didn't even go up to the first floor. Didn't see the pool or lounge.

We went to try the International Buffet dinner on a Friday night. Together with Alvin and wife/gf. Not sure which one. Hahaha no lar. Alvin is not like that. Its just that his wife who has just given birth, looks almost exactly like she did before her pregnancy. No change. Still young and beautiful grr. Life isn't fair. So Alvin is always joking that his wife is the one at home taking care of his kid, but its his gf he always brings out at night. But they are one and the same. Phew. Done explaining just in case there are any misunderstandings..

Sorry in advance. No photos of the food. Haha seriously though, I should write this somewhere in my About Me section:

When you click on my blog, be prepared to see a lot of photos of me, me, me and me. Occasionally one or two photos of the food that I am talking about.

But I can make up for it by explaining. If you trust the judgment of very a picky eater. So.

Yea I was serious when I said no photos of the food..

Do you believe in the saying that if there is a lot of people there or if the queue is long, it means the food is good. If there is nobody around, then food probably sucks or is freaking expensive?

If you do, then let me tell you: Four Points Hotel's International buffet on has to be the only buffet I have ever been to that is practically empty on a Friday night. No shit!

To be fair, the place was huge. The restaurant itself named the Eatery was quite spacious and the food was spread throughout the room. There is a wide selection of food: Japanese (california rolls, sushi, salmon and white tuna sashimi, oysters, prawns, scallops etc) Italian (two types of Pizza!!! pasta, oxtail stew, selection of olives etc) Chinese (typical chinese in Malaysia from white rice and noodles to chicken wings and dim sum like cha siew pau, har kau etc).

Oh they even had yu san as it was still cny. As with all buffets, there is also a salad bar, soup bar, selection of cheese and grapes, and of course dessert (cakes no nice. Too little selection. This I know cos I love cakes) and fruits. Ohh..they had DIY ais kacang. Not what you'd expect at a buffet eh.

Took a photo of cs with ais kacang. Simply cos this is the first time I've seen the ais kacang machine at a buffet. Am I a SPK (sua pa ku)? Do tell..

This is ais kacang. Its just shaved ice with toppings. In this bowl, there are lychee or longans, red beans, sweet corn, and a lot of condensed milk and rose syrup for the sauce.

What I thought was cute was there was a short line up of food on a much lower table for kids, consisting of fried nuggets, hot dogs, lasagna and a selection of sweets, if I'm not mistaken. Soo. tempted to take the nuggets and hot dogs. Shit why the food I like to eat are kids food? Didn't take though.

I did the fake pretentious adult thing and took lots of salmon sashimi and scallops cos its expensive. Sort of. Could not resist Pizza though. Tried most of the dessert and came up with the conclusion that Riverside Majestic buffet's cakes taste much better.

Ehh I wasn't kidding when I said the place was practically empty. The soup ladle I used to scoop my tomato soup was unused. The spoon was clean and shiny. The yu san was untouched, so were many other items. The pudding (I think) has already hardened in its own sauce, which was semi-cracked. It looks bad..

There were more waiters than customers..

I could be wrong. Maybe the customers flock in on Saturday nights or weekdays or lunch ehh and not on a Friday night. Haha yea I think so. Lunch should be more popular. For the record, we sat there for 2.5 hours eating non stop.

The waitress came to inform us at 10:15 pm that:

Hello. We would like to inform you that our last serving is at 1030pm. Thank you good night.

Haha its like a farewell bid.

What were we doing there for so long? Well, while Wee lee and I cleaned out the salmon sashimi, cs and Alvin singlehandedly finished all their BBQ prawns. Actually the food is not bad. Quite a lot of selections. Pricey but expected.

But no I would not go back..

Simply cos I'm quite "buang buffet" as Kevin says. I don't eat a lot or as much as him (I think he means).

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