Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy Chap Goh Meh

So the festivities ends today. The 15th day of the Chinese New Year. The fireworks are still going on strong, less though compared to 2 hours earlier.

As with tradition, I had dinner together with the family at home. Plus grandma tonight since she is staying over. Ama rotates between her kids' and/or grandchildren houses every few weeks or so depending on her mood. If she wants to see her great grandchildren, then someone drives her over to their house. When ama wants to eat pork, she comes back here. The only pork-eaters in the family wtf. disrespect meant. Just joking around ama in case you're reading this. wtf again. Hehe really kidding..

Ahh where was I? Chap Goh Meh dinner! We had steamboat at home.

I normally hate having steamboat outside simply cos it makes you sweat and stink while cooking your own dinner. Once in a while, its ok though. Including this lest I get mistaken for some ta xiao jie or some spoiled rich brat again Hehe

Dad loves steamboat. So we go along..

I have mentioned this in a previous post. But I must say again! The best thing about steamboat is THE SAUCE!!! But you must! To make THE SAUCE, you will need:

1) A single egg yolk. Throw the egg white out, put it in another bowl, dump it into soup I don't care cos I don't like egg white.

2) This sauce below. I forgot to take a photo during dinner. But while writing this post, I actually took the liberty of running to the fridge to hunt for ze sauce and snapped a photo just to upload here. Wahh am I hardworking or just plain wu liaw ar?

That's all. Find a bowl to add in your single egg yolk and scoop out as much of the barbecue sauce as you want.



Mix it together and you get this:

But you must! Its not even hard to make! Try this sauce at home when you're having steamboat/hotpot. Please. Most steamboat stuff are quite tasteless since they are just dipped into the boiling hot soup, but this sauce really adds that zest (haha) to your food.

I shall leave you with a photo of this roast pork:

Dad ordered this too for dinner tonight.

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