Monday, 8 February 2010

3 more days

Not in the mood for a lot of words today. Not that I normally do.


Photos of my life:

1) I made chocolate chip cookies! Winnie says and I quote: our chocolate chip cookies taste good ok. Like famous amos. We could sell these. Hahaa..Big words indeed. Winnie and I make them every year ever since we mum discovered the recipe!

Cookie batter.

End result. They are really easy to make. The hard thing is that they take too long to bake. The whole process took close to 5 hours. And we only came up with 2 and a half canisters.

2) I think I eat too much maggi mee.

This is Curry flavor maggi mee with 2 hot dogs. Its my typical Saturday lunch. Unhealthy? Cancer causing? But its delicious. How? Shit lar I don't want to die from cancer causing maggi mee. But its the only thing I can cook easy to cook. How?

3) Chinese new year is just around the corner. Sooo looking forward! No need to work for a whole week!! 3 more working days to go..happy..

4) The worst ever fried rice. I hate hate hate these pre-packaged vegetables with the frozen corn, carrots, and green peas. Nooo..who invented these? I mean, I just hate that package. The corn is tasteless and too hard, carrots are ok, green peas are the worst. Frozen, they just taste weird. ok lah I don't eat frozen peas even if they're fresh

The worst ever Taiwan special beef noodles. That is the name on the menu anyway:

Voila. Why does it suck, you ask? I tell you! The noodle soup is sweet. End. No seriously. Its sweet. Like they dumped several lumps of sugar inside the soup. I cant taste anything else except sweet.

Both came from the same shop. I forgot the shop name: its the new HK food shop at the Hills shopping mall. The shop deco is mostly green. (Cs said its called Wan Chai restaurant)

5) Let me try to distract you from yucky food. Had dessert the other day at err...forgot shop name too. Argh I suck! It is at Jalan Song. Same row as Starbucks Precint 88, opposite the church. It is good...

They serve mostly dessert, juices, and some light finger food. Such as sandwiches below this photo.

It's not expensive either. We also ordered some black pepper chicken wings. If that is the name. Forgot. Thought that how spicy could it be? Fuck! Its freaking spicy piet. We both ended up with sore throats the next day. From the chicken wings. Seriously. No joke. Go try it if you dare. No photos. But they only have one chicken wing on the menu. You can't go wrong.

If I remember correctly, the chicken wing tastes good but the black pepper taste was soo..strong. One bite. Ohh...this is good. Juicy inside. Second bite..oh no...a bit spicy. 3rd bite. Got to stop. Drink some water. Fourth bite I could only take one piece. Hahhaa this applies to me only. I suck at spicy food. Cs practically forced himself to finish the whole plate. Gasping for breath. Both of us regretted it the next day..


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