Friday, 12 February 2010


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! (Green cos its supposedly my lucky color for 2010)

HAPPY VALENTINES as well. Almost an afterthought cos both cs and I have been so busy with CNY that we neglected Valentines this year. So different from last year.

Time flies. I can't believe that a year has passed. Screw it. What have I accomplished? Ahh never mind. Console myself that a lot of other people accomplish nothing too hahaha stupid!

Not in the writing mood now. But if you feel like reading, click here for my entries written exactly a year ago.

Good night. Have to wake up early to go to the temple. It is tradition in my family. Every Chinese New Year Eve, we have to go to the temple at the ungodly hour of 630am. To pay respects to our ancestors. To offer food, tea, wine, and paper money. My agenda is full for the next few days actually so I doubt I will have time to update this blog.

Happy Holidays! On leave till Monday (22 Feb). Bliss!!

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