Saturday, 27 February 2010

You play ze badminton?

Does anyone here play badminton games? My bf is a badminton fanatic; actually less now since he has a controlling gf who demands almost all of his free time heh.

He plays badminton only once a week now compared to two to three times a week before we got together. Poor thing. He has a group of friends who call each other up for badminton sessions very frequently. I tried. I really tried to participate baby. Alas. My body is not up to it.

Seriously though, I tried to join in his games, and have him teach/coach me badminton once a week just so I can try to play and like his game. Gave up last year months ago. I improved week by week but it was pretty obvious that I was going nowhere near his standards. I was nowhere near being able to play with him and his friends.

I could tell that he was being very patient with me. I am just a silly beginner who cannot serve properly. Imagine playing two hours straight with me every week. I would have been fed up with myself long ago. Hehe

I don't mean that he is reaaaly good. Just that I reaaaly suck that's why I think I was waay beneath their standards. And I really didn't want him to waste his time with me, especially since I don't really like the game. What I mean is, to me, badminton is just another form of exercise. To him, its much more than that. He wants to improve his style, his game, and to compete with his friends.


Do try this badminton game!

See if you can win.

Cs beat the damn computer and got this score:

I didn't bother trying...

P/S: Something funny to share!! During cny, cs was over at my place alot. One day, cs was trying to kill a fly in our house, (and failing miserably) while mum was watching him. Mum just kept laughing at the way he swatted at the fly. It was like he is trying to play badminton with the fly as his shuttlecock. He did kill the damn fly in the end. But we all had a good laugh at the way he swatted at it.



c said...

hahaha finally u posted this. We should go to Zest again to take photo with Tan Boon Heong.. lols

Amy said...

yea next week. u ask him. hehehe