Saturday, 20 February 2010


My Chinese New Year 2010 in photos:

1) New nails for the new year. No time or $$$$ for a mani/pedicure, so I improvised! Tried to copy Cheesie's leopard print nails and failed horribly so I came up with my own. I went for a hot pink base topped with black and silver stripes. Passable I think. Still looks nice from afar. Heh

2) My new phone strap comes with a mirror.

3) The other side is a black rose.

Such an apt gift from my beautician/dermatologist/facialist. I love it. So handy for vain pots like me...

4) Routine: the relatives gather at our home for reunion dinner every year. Mum cooks and occasionally some bring curry, lamb, lasagna and/or dessert.

I have a lot of Malay relatives. Bit ironic that we are an Iban family that celebrates Chinese New Year and Raya, but not Gawai. And we all understand and some can speak Teochew, cos of my grandma. We mostly communicate in Teochew mixed with English and to a lesser extent, Malay.

5) My hair is so blond that I am always taken by surprise when the photo comes out..

No photos of the rest of the family from dinner cos we all don't look too good I err was too lazy to take photos.

I have some photos of the food though. We had the usual steamed fish (cos nien nien you yu errr literally translates to have fish/$$$ every year hhahaha I dunno..random translate), shark fin soup, duck, some jellyfish thingy, etc..

My favorites from that night.

Deep fried prawn.

Pineapple fried rice

Self explanatory mixed vegetables

Mum's taiwanese deep fried chicken (sien su chi) is popular among the kids and adults.

6) Baby come over after his own reunion dinner for me the fireworks.

Sorry dark photo. Even more proof that T707 sucks at taking photos.

7) Less haul this year due to economic downturn. According to dad, he went over budget for the new house. So I suppose we should cut costs on fireworks this year. Ehh no lar seriously I think that there really is less fireworks around my neighborhood this year. No joke. Normally they last till 2am but by 1245am, the neighborhood was quite quiet already.

8) Either that or probably it was due to the police car patrolling our streets.

9) The role of photographer/videographer normally falls onto me and I don't like it. I can't enjoy the full effect of the fireworks display like everyone else cos I'm watching through a tiny screen. Soo..less photos of these beauties then.

10) Cs' turn to light up. Hmm that sounds weird..

11) Aftermath. Debris.

Photo captions are getting shorter. Can you tell that I'm getting bored. I'm going to have to continue this some other day. Argh. Cannot. (cue pep talk) Amy continue. Finish off what you started.

12) On the first day of new year, we open house as usual. Parents ordered catering.

I have been wearing a cheongsam for the first day of chinese new year for the past few years when I'm in Kuching. It really is time for a change next year.

13) Grandma, cousins, uncles and aunties came first for the first day of cny. Then dad's friends and office people, business associates come to visit. Most people are admiring dad's new house. He is so proud! He was telling everyone: SM Interior Design is the go-to interior design for their future home if they're interested.

People just nodded along until they finally realized ohhh...SM = my dad's name. My surname. He was just joking around with everyone.


No family pic this year. This was the closest to a family photo..

They match. In more ways than one. Hahahhahaa...

Moving usual, we try to earn $$ during the new year...

I shall continue my new year in the next post.

Have to get ready to go out for dinner..


John Harding said...

ei..nice new house.. even your fridge's handle cover are very stylish (animal print?)...

I really want to wear Chinese outfit next year..


Amy said...

thanks!! my dad will be very happy to hear that. happy chinese new year to u too!!

yea my mum bought that black and white leopard print handle.

buy a chinese outfit! should look good on you. :D