Sunday, 21 February 2010

There is no other word: vanity

For my Chinese New Year (CNY) this year, I don't go visiting much, instead I stayed home most of the time helping out with parents and serving the guests.

I don't know about other people, but to my family (excluding Kevin), CNY seems to be drinking season. On the fourth day of cny, we open house again and finished 5 bottles of these:

Macallan 12 years. Not just our family obviously. Dad's friends mostly. What I mean by drinking season is: we start drinking early in the day, from noon till way past midnight. Everyday! It could be whiskey, beer, or red wine. Mostly whiskey. I try to avoid drinking red wine personally cos I always get ulcers the next day. Its too "hot" for my body.

Actually drinking season started during reunion dinner and continued till err today. As I am writing this, dad's friends continue to arrive.

I realized I did not take much photos from cny. As I flipped through my camera album, I just see lots of err..vain photos of myself and cs.. Shit. Not on purpose ok! Everyone else avoids my gaze when I point the camera at others. Why ar? Embrace vanity people! Like me! I sound so wtf. I'm embarrassing myself.

I am wearing a Nichii dress that was on sale for 50% before cny! Haha..damn cheap skate.

Winnie and I on the fourth day of cny at home. So busy that day as people were arriving non stop. I suppose this is cny for everyone. Typical open day at home..The parents cooked and ordered catering twice cos the first round was cleaned out in like 30 mins?

We ordered from a restaurant called Little Hong Kong (literally translated from mandarin) which is located at somewhere near Banquet. We ordered lemon chicken, deer meat, fried mee hoon, and a type of vege (I think) for the first round. Dad also had two typed of duck and a whole roast pork (suckling). One of my cousin made a tray of spaghetti. Mum made her mixed vege with XO sauce, and deep fried squid. Everything was finished within one hour.

The food arrived late, which is why everyone was starving including us. So we ordered another round of butter prawn, noodles, and err some meat (I think). Forgot. My memory reaally sucks.

Cs came over to help on the fourth day. Trying to fulfill his role of future son-in-law. heh heh..

Ah pau and his gf, I assume..Don't know how he would feel to see his photo here. If I remember correctly, he instructed me to: DELETE this photo!

The gold and black tiles behind mum do stand out quite a bit..At first, I thought they looked ugly. Too "kua zang". But after the black cupboards were installed, they looked much better..

I ate too much during CNY. Seriously. I don't really dare to weigh myself nowadays. Supper every night. Uncertain meal times. Non stop snacking on cakes, biscuits and crackers are bound to make me gain weight. is evil. I'm sorry I sound so bimbotic even to myself..

I'm feeling vain. Let me show off my outfit...Oh look at the time (in the photo). It is nearly 1am and I am having supper wtf. With beer no less. Sigh. No wonder I gained weight.

I (finally) start work tomorrow. Cny holidays are (finally) over. Time flies. I can't believe that a whole week has gone by..Back to normal life. Back to routine life. Back to boredom and responsibility.

I wasn't joking when I said that I only found photos of myself and cs. Haha. Seriously this speaks volumes about the type of person I am. Shallow, vain, bimbo, vain, self centered

To my err...defense, cs took most of these photos on my orders's his fault that I have no photos of anyone else. Right?

No lar, actually this photo is to show the food on display at my house. See how nice I look? that cake cover looks like? Ho ho ho.. I am hopeless..

Oh Thank God I found some other photos!! I forgot to include my Valentines photos:

Since Valentines Day fell on the first day of cny, I practically forced him to not do anything for me. Buy me nothing. Including no flowers. I should have known that it wouldn't work on cs:

He got me a smaller bouquet, if anything, this year. Three pink roses.

Plus :D :D :D

Guess what he bought for me? Happy :D :D :D

We didn't even go for any Valentines dinner this year. Instead, I went to visit his house with a few other friends that night on 14 Feb. So romantic! We spent the night visiting other friend's houses and drinking...

Reason enough to drink. It is a new year!


cs said...

sorry for taking too much photos of u baby.... haha

Amy said...

hahhahaha yea its ur fault. but nvm, its ok. feel free to take more.