Monday, 22 February 2010

Gibberish plus Gluttoney

Since everyone is using a lot of nowadays, I thought I would be special and use a ho ho ho. I'm so smart!!

No lar. Long live google!!

Also found
♠ ♣ Ô Ø Ü Ý ï ô ÿ ã ½

This is cute:

I can see why this is addictive ♥ ♥ ♥ ♦ ♦ ♦

OK Enough!


Continue from where I left off in the previous post. I love lasagna made by Balson!

Are you reading this dear cousin? Haha Seriously though. Fresh oven baked lasagna is to die for. The smell and the taste of that melted cheese..mmm..only Pizza tops that (in my opinion). I think its the cheese that has got me hooked. Maybe. Not sure. Spaghetti does not leave me drooling. I don't add Parmesan cheese on my Pizza or pasta. I stuff cheddar slice by slice into my mouth when I can get my hands on them. And those little cubed cheese yumm.. Yea, maybe its the cheese.

Btw, cs and I went to Hi-Bread at Petanak for lunch the other day. It is located just by the main road. Impossible to miss. They serve mostly breakfast food such as, breads (obviously from the name) like in the photos below, and a small version of English breakfast consisting of eggs sunny side up, sausages, toast, and baked beans served with orange juice or milk.

I had this chicken ham sandwich. I expected the bread to be like french bread (hard), but it was very soft (like normal white bread). Tastes very nice with the ham and cheese.

Cs had this beef sausage with lots of mayo and chilli sauce. The sausage itself is quite spicy. Actually there were very few selections to choose from. I think only 6 or 7 types of these "breads", with some English breakfast, fries, and salad.

The sandwich itself is around the size of ermm..a Big Mac (probably not as filling), and shorter in length than a subway sandwich. Does that help?

Every CNY, we (or dad believes) must have yu san! We have yu san every cny to represent a new year! No lar. I don't know what it represents. Can anyone tell me? I just know that when we have yu san, we should all gather around the table and use our chopsticks to fling the food around, literally, the higher the better.

Like so.

I guess that its good luck or something like that. That your year ahead will be good..I don't know..I think my not going to chinese school is showing. Mum always said that we should be chinese educated to know about chinese customs/traditions and what not.

Oh well too late now. My future kid(s) will go to chinese school though. No worries. He/she will be able to read the chinese newspapers, read all the love notes/letter/SMSes sent to him/her sing at karaokes with friends, and read the chinese subtitles on HK drama series. Hahaa..

Up till today, I honestly do not know what are those green and red things. Never bothered to ask (ignorant), and just stuff it into my mouth since its tradition (kwai right). What I know: that the pink stuff on the very top is raw or smoked salmon, some peanuts and crackers by the side, and err that's it. Taste? No good. We never finish this! And everyone digs around for the salmon.

We also had Peking duck. The only difference with normal duck is that: it is especially oily. Fatter too. Haha no lar. I don't know the difference. I'm no chef. The difference is that someone from the restaurant has to come out and cut out all the skin of that roast duck in front of you. Don't know why. To prove you have the entire duck issit? Since Chinese are so kiasu.

Said duck being skinned. After being skinned, the staff leave the skins on the table for us to eat with these:

Pitta bread with cucumber slices and special sauce.

Wrap it up like so and voila.

Duck pitta chinese style. The rest of the duck is being taken into the kitchen to cut up into tiny slices to fry with some XO sauce. Not outstanding so no photos.

Oh yes. We had pork too. The meat is soo tender and juicy. Goes very well with "mantou" Actually mum said mantou is not the correct name, but it looks and tastes similar enough (tasteless btw).

Succulent pork.

And Voila. Pork burger.

Said mantou.

Googled and stole some mantou photos for your viewing pleasure:

Credits to photographer!

Mum said these are mantou. But what is normally served at chinese restaurants are not called mantou's. OK. Enough with the chinese/english lessons.

I love these. (mantou's). Since mum is a Taiwanese, we grew up eating these, and less of Kuching/Sarawakian kuihs. She likes to steam these for us to eat for dinner with the other dishes. And she regularly (used to make) cooks dumplings with leeks.

Had these fried mantou's served with fried crab/prawn once at a restaurant somewhere at Tabuan Laru. Has anyone tried that before? It is so rich, but damn it tastes good.

This mess/vomit looking thing here deserves to be mentioned. We had this at Li Garden, Hock Lee.

Its actually prawn balls in some buttery/mayonnaise sauce. Yum. One of the better ones I have ever tasted around Kuching. Give it a try if you're there.

This photo below was taken at McGregor's English Pub at Jalan Song area. Drinking makes you hungry. So we ordered these from Ren Jian Cha Fang. Just behind the pub. We sit in our seats and wait for the waitress to come and take our orders, then wait for them to bring the food here. Easy. Can eat dinner here. Even better.

Fried omelet, Taiwan sausage, and chicken nuggets. How do you make an omelet un-eatable since they are so easy to make? Quite hard, I should think? Yea. So it tastes good. Its just eggs after all. Taiwan sausage I hate. No comment. Don't know why I don't eat them. maybe cos they look too much like the real thing if you know what I mean. Haha wtf kidding!! Nuggets err..ok la. When you're hungry, you eat. When you drink, you feel like eating, so no complaints.

Before I leave, let me rant a little. Why why why in Kuching or Malaysia for that matter, do they always put chili sauce on everything? They always always assume I want chili sauce! I don't! I don't take chili. I hate chili. Grr..

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