Friday, 5 February 2010

Check in pub

Almost forgotten about these photos: a bunch of us went to Check-in pub at Travillion. Its been some time since the whole group went clubbing together. Most of us have retired already. No lah. Actually, I'm just speaking for myself. I have retired wtf. Retired clubber. Retired party animal. Haha I definitely don't remember feeling this way back in Uni. Those days, I can party night after night till dawn. Down Vodka+Red Bull just keep myself awake to club till dawn. Shit. What has happened to me?

I think my age is catching up on me. Ahh anyway. Back to Sat night. I spent the whole of Saturday still moving house. Still lots of things to do. We were lugging bags and bags of kitchen ware, pots and pans, glasses, wine bottles etc back and forth at least 20 times. Then cleaning and arranging everything. Later at night, the family went out for dinner and chinese new year shopping. To top it off, I had diarrhea (how to spell) on that day itself. Some more the stupid unagi I had with rice for dinner was stale. It tasted weird. But I was starving so I finished it anyway hahaha stupid! Dad was going to order something else for me but too late it was gone in 2 minutes. So. That is why by 930pm at night, the only thing I wanted was to fall into bed. Energy finished. Instead, I forced myself to apply make up (its a freaking chore) and dress up to go drink myself silly.

I was bad company that night. Just stood by watching, drinking and hardly participating at all. Sorry!!!

Energy habis.

In Kuching, the ritual (for us anyway), after clubbing, we normally go to eat lok lok. Lok lok refers to various kinds of fried/steamed fishballs, meatballs, prawnballs, vege, chicken parts, cuttlefish etc on skewers/sticks. Many sauces are provided, normally something spicy.

But nowadays in Kuching pubs, people actually offer lok lok. Meaning some people walk around with trays selling lok lok. There is also a van parked outside some pubs, selling steaming hot lok lok. Nice. So here we bought lots of lok lok to eat in the club:

There were more but we finished some already. Some people were probably giving us weird looks. We met some foreigners, probably tourists there before and they snapped a photo of us eating lok lok. Is it weird? I suppose so. Eating while clubbing. Eating more than drinking.

The guys.

No idea what they are doing in this photo.

This photo is wrong. Cs is mine.


I have been to check in a few times, but this is the only time I saw the shufflers. Argh. Attention seekers. What I mean is, at check in, they have this tiny dance floor under very bright lights. I don't like the "dance floor" cos it is a platform, meaning you're one big step higher than everyone else. So that everyone else in the pub can see you dancing or shuffling.

Went to google shuffle dance and this came out. No idea that shuffle originated from Melbourne. Seriously?

Quote from wikipedia:

"....The Melbourne shuffle is a style of dance, that originated in the late 1980s in the Melbourne Underground music scene. The basic movements in the dance are a fast heel-and-toe action with a style suitable for various types of Electronic music. Some variants incorporate arm movements..."

Kuching versions definitely include hand/arm movements. They are normally good dancers or they won't go to the dance floor to show off their moves.

Some photos of dancing. None of shufflers though.

Frankie dancing.

Nana is clubbing deprived. Haha. She was the one who dragged me to the "dance floor". Looking back at the photos and videos taken that night then I realized that I looked so awkward dancing that night. And so haggard!!

Shit haggard!!

Nana got pulled up to dance on the table with a stranger. Some semi-drunk girl pulled her up. I think that same semi-drunk girl took off ah boon's shirt too.

And that's all I have to say about that. (Forrest Gump)

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