Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The glass door

You know how in books or movies, they always say that before a tragedy/accident happens like a car crash or a serious fall etc..it all slows down. The spectators always say, (it felt to me) as if things happened in slow motion. I always thought of it as an exaggeration...

Cos I have been in a couple of car accidents before, and they don't happen in slow motion to me. One minute I was zoning out thinking of random stuff. No wonder accident lar. day dreaming wtf. Next second WHAM I felt a huge blow to my stomach! And the pain! But nothing in slow motion.

But earlier this evening. Watching dad slam head first into that glass door, watching that whole glass door shatter and break into a million pieces, watching the blood drip from dad's hands and legs, and dad just standing there in the midst of all that broken glass. That happened in slow motion to me.

I turned around and watched as dad said: I'll just bring this inside for you guys first. Then watched as he slammed into the door, which I could see was plainly closed. It felt in slow motion but I still had not shouted out a warning. A second later, I just watched in horror as all that glass shattered.

Only one side remains. I didn't take photos of the accident obviously.

Thank God dad is all right now.

I could barely recall myself repeating oh my god!! oh my god! Daddy!! Daddy! Daddy!! Steering him to the nearest chair and then gasping in horror. Pulling out the glass from his arms, hands, and legs. Luckily his head and face is all right. I always knew that dad is thick headed and thick skinned hehe kidding. Only some cuts on his chest, and mostly on his arms.

Sigh. He is all right now. That is all that matters.

Thank God.

P/S: I made this post sound light now cos dad is already all right. He was joking about it to his friends who asked: what happened to your hands/arms???

Dad (laughing): I was testing my glass door. See which is tougher/harder? My head or the door. Glass door won. wtf daddy!!!

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