Thursday, 18 March 2010

Foody goody

This is yet another food post! Since the Hills shopping mall opened, we have a new place to go for lunch. Marry Brown, Sushi King, Wan Chai (didn't like it btw), and Food Inc. What else?

This is Food Inc. It is a mini and still almost empty food court. There is a stall that sells bubble pearl milk tea and the like. There is also a stall operated by Kim Bay at Spring that sells egg tarts (photos below).

But I am here to talk about this now:


Quote from Wikipedia "....Takoyaki (literally fried or baked octopus) is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, diced or whole baby octopus, tempura scraps, picked ginger, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, ponzu, mayonnaise, green laver, and katsuobushi (fish shavings)...."

This banner said its the first and only in Kuching. No its not. Probably they meant the brand (Japan Boat Takoyaki) cos there is a little stall selling Takoyaki in Saberkas too.

So we bought a box. Cos of the bold words: the first and only in Kuching.

In this box, there are only 2 Takoyaki's left, which are hidden under the huge pile of fish shavings.

There are only three balls inside and they cost RM 3.20 per box. Buy 2 boxes for RM 3. Quite pricey, no? Because I have not eaten any Takoyaki from Japan or even Taiwan, I think yea they taste not bad. Pretty good when still warm. But very oily though..

When I showed these photos to Winnie, she smirked at me and said: I will be going to Taiwan to try the real ones in July. *smirk*


Another stall at Food Inc., is the Kim Bay egg tarts. I didn't try these.

There are seven flavors to choose from: original, pandan, orange, yam, chocolate, lemon, and durian. He bought six in the box below: 2 original, one each of pandan, orange, chocolate, and lemon.

I don't really like egg tarts so I asked him to describe them to me.

CS: The original one is nice. The original one first, and orange second. The rest not nice. The chocolate has no chocolate taste. The egg tarts are not too sweet.

Amy: Not too sweet should be good right?

CS: Not too sweet means no taste.

So there you go. I sometimes think cs and I are too picky.

Ya, this is the original/custard one.

I thought it looked mediocre only compared with the Portuguese egg tarts. I know I should not compare. But look!

This just looks so much more yummy compared with the ones above. I want these egg tarts.

Another reason to go to Hong Kong and Macau soon.

First reason is winter. Yea I must go there in the winter. Why? Cos I miss wearing winter clothes and boots and HK/Macau is one of the more affordable countries with four seasons that I can go to, aside from Taiwan. Not too far away some more. Another reason to go in winter: how else can I go shopping the whole day outside and still come back in the same shade of skin tone?! Must be winter. I refuse to get tanned.

Second reason: Disneyland!

Third reason: Everything else is in the third reason category. (Holidays, no need to work, shopping, egg tarts, spending money, you get the gist) hahaha

That's all for tonight. Proper update tomorrow!

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