Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spill allll

I want to blog about something. But I am so tired. Sleep? It is 9pm. Too early to sleep. At least wait till 10pm. The bf is still at work. I am randomly typing whatever is going through my mind, and jumping from topic to topic. Cos I am tired. Friday is supposed to be the last day of work. I hate working Saturdays. I hate "crunch" period. I have to survive March without falling sick again!

Came home from work and laid down for 15 mins before dinner of some Taiwanese egg pancake that mum made. No photos cos I post more photos of food on this blog than my own face. Heyy just realized that is true. I should take more photos. I will. Tomorrow. The egg pancakes are called "Dan Bing" in Mandarin.

Ahh what the heck! Googled and stole photos:

This is what it is supposed to look like. There is typically spring onion and meat floss sprinkled over it. But mum didn't put meat floss in ours. Just spring onion which actually is enough. The sauce is important too. I don't know/too lazy to describe it.

If you want to look for it in Kuching, I only know of one place that sells it. It is the kopitiam at Hui Sing. Err..near the police station. Same row as the church. Its not the corner kopitiam, its the one in the middle. There is a little Taiwanese food stall inside run by two young girls. I like their "ma lak mien" and beef noodles also. Go try. Cheap! I don't know other places that sell it. This place is good enough for me.

Photos from a million years ago taken at Bar Zing. I forgot the occasion for these photos. That night seems so hazy to me already. Thought for a while and gave up. Can't remember. So, I asked Winnie: where are these photos from? What was the occasion?

She glanced at the photo below and glared at me: My BIRTHDAY!

Hahahahhahaa....Why do I always do things like this?!

I wonder what did she drink. Wait. I go ask her: (Winnie says Tequila)

It is all coming back to me now winnie. If I remember correctly, I was at Pavillion drinking with cs and friends, waiting for Winnie to make her grand entrance. The party was supposed to be at Bar Zing but she arrived close to midnight.

I like this photo below! Even though its the toilet. Even though the sweet is making my teeth yellow.

I have a funny story to tell!! Mum was just talking about it! When my late grandma (mum's mum passed away many years ago) wanted to come to Kuching to visit mum, she was soo reluctant. Cos mum told her that she is actually living in the trees. Lol. Cos 20-30 years ago, Kuching is still very un-developed. Most of the commercials, tourism places just portray Kuching as sort of behind the times, in the jungle and what not.

So my grandma believed mum. She actually thought mum is living in a tree house. When mum asked grandma to come to Kuching, she was soo reluctant, and she even asked: err do you have electricity at home?

Haha my grandma is so cute.

Grandma came to Kuching once. Her impression? She said Kuching people are so lazy. Why do they close shop so early? Why not work longer? I think cos Taiwan has a lot of night markets that go on till past midnight and they are always bustling with people..

My grandfather came to Kuching once, and refused to come again. Said its too bloody hot and boring. When he was here, he took a chair out to the garden daily to sun bathe. Hahah so cute right.

Unrelated photo. But the people in that office building should be used to people doing this..

When my cousins come, we can't try to impress them with shopping malls or food. They do try our local food though, such as laksa, nasi lemak, mee goreng, etc. Actually, one of them gained so much weight from eating in Kuching that he couldn't fit into his jeans after a month here, on his day of departure! Haha its nice to know Kuching food is appreciated...

Shopaholic much?

I want to go swimming. Whine. No, not at Waterpark. The last time I was there, one girl slipped and fell on the floor beside the pool. She fainted. Good God. When she came to, she threw up and kept asking what happened? what happened? Why did I fall? I don't know if she is all right in the end, cos they called an ambulance and she went to the hospital.

But this really serves as a reminder to all of us. Be careful when walking across slippery surfaces!

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