Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Straw Berry? Blue Berry? What is that name?

My lunch hour, like most of you out there who is stuck in the office, is one hour only long. I try to squeeze as much as possible out of that one little hour. I hate the traffic jams in the lift, which is why I always leave the office early (excuses excuses). Actually not that early. But I just wanna avoid the crowd. Another reason is kiasu, die die must make as much of that one hour as possible.

Today, cs brought me to Zest at Petanak for lunch. I blogged about this place before: its the old Blue Berry, Best Berry, Straw Berry, Black Berry (either one) at the end of the row. Same row as Madam Tang and Bombay Masala. I have been there so many times and just about tried nearly everything on the menu. I like that they have a set meal of the day!

Today, it was Cheese baked rice with Ice Lemon Tea. Came to err...RM 7.90 (I'm guessing the price cos cs always pays so I don't remember! Sorry!)

It is quite different from your average cheese baked rice found everywhere in Kuching, eh? The cheese sauce/topping was very soft and creamy. Cs said the black stuff on top was: they burnt it on purpose. I dunno. I liked their fried rice cos it is always quite full of seafood. Quite obvious from the photo right?

To be honest, I prefer the average cheese baked rice (ACBR) found everywhere cos the cheese is slightly golden brown..But cs says this is better. Cos for the ACBR, you get kinda sien by the time you're halfway through simply cos the cheese taste is too strong and you get sien of the cheese already. But aiya cs is so picky. He gets sien of almost anything if he eats too much of it. I feel so sorry for myself, you know (future wife).


After lunch, we went to Hock Lee. Cos we had 30 mins more to spare! The food comes out very fast at Zest. So cool rite? A bit smug right now..

We went to Hock Lee and went down to the arcade to work off some calories. By playing BASKETBALL!!!

Changed RM 2 with two tokens and off we go! It is one token each per game.

Trivia: Did you know that you get a free game if your score is above 60 points?

Check out the score when he started playing. High score was 72.

The bugger broke high score on his second attempt..

Third try, he broke his own high score..Haha both of us in office wear! We don't do this everyday ok.

So he got two free games in total. Lucky shot!!

My turn! Of course I can break his high score (scoff)

I got half of what he scored. Hahaa..

Ahh well this was my first game. I will win him next time. This is easier to beat than badminton anyway..

Oh oh oh...Before I sign off for tonight, let me gloat a bit. I made these myself! Crystal, fake roses and all..

It is really easy to make!! All you need is:




Once you have all three, the rest is easy. Piece of cake!

Seriously I am not cut out for anything that requires patience and tolerance. Throughout making these nails, I kept muttering to myself, mostly foul language. And how do manicurist earn a living? How do they have so much patience every day? Do they ever lose their temper? Do they wish they could just turn the table over and scream: do it yourself! to their customer? Cos I do! Bloody hell! No patience!

So, what you need: Just 2 shades of pink of your fancy, and a transparent base+top coat. Some crystals and plastic roses and a toothpick.

I don't need to explain, do I? They are pretty self-explanatory. My nails are actually pretty simple, the more I look at it. I tell myself that I have saved RM 60 just by doing my own nails! Then I spend more on buying different shades of nail polish, and nail pens and accessories. Still saved on service fees though. Haha..

I have to keep reminding myself to: be careful! No sudden or quick movements lest I lose these babies..

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