Thursday, 25 March 2010

World Cup Fever

Earlier this evening, I logged in to Friendster for the first time in months or years. Clicked on my blog and found entries I wrote many years ago. It brings back soo many memories, and just for now, I understand why Nifer misses London so much.

So, I copied some below for your reading pleasure, since the World Cup is coming up soon. I don't normally watch football and I don't know much about the game. But being around people who do definitely influenced me to watch and enjoy the game.

These are just extracts of what life was like for me back then in 2006:

June 11, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006. I've been watching lots of football since world cup started. Maybe its because i’m in London now. its fun watching football at home, at 8pm, me, shirley, simon, and kaz are gathered in the lounge, watching world cup. cheering on the teams, laughing, and occasionally criticizing the teams. simon, who is polish said that the Poland team was terrible, they can kick, yea, but they have no brains. just simply kicking the ball.

Last night, kaz cooked curry for us. true Japanese curry. first, he cut up 10 tomatoes, blended them, made tomato juice. then, he heated the tomato juice, when it was boiling, he added about half a dozen different spices, including cinnamon. hmm…he is vegetarian, so the curry only consisted of spices, potatoes, onion and apple. yup, apple, to make the curry sweet, he said. it does taste good actually. and its very healthy.

Since i’ve been staying with these Japanese people, i’ve started to be more health conscious, started eating more vegetables and fruit, and less meat. they’ve all got great bodies, guys and girls alike. maybe i should be vegetarian as well yea? live longer. i might give it a try, i’m definitely influenced by their culture. Amazingly, i’m learning more Japanese words now.

June 23rd, 2006

Switzerland vs south korea. 2-0. dammit!!! i support south Korea. damn!! damn again!! south Korea are out! shit!! sigh. disappointed man!! france are second now. Switzerland on top. shit!! last night, Brazil vs Japan. that was fun to watch. as i walked into the house at 8pm last night, my housemates told me Japan was playing. all 3 are Japanese. they support japan of course, i support Brazil. hehe. i told them no chance, Brazil will win!! they shut me up when japan scored in the beginning.

But, when Ronaldo scored, hahaha…then when the score was 4 - 1, hahaa..!! yes, Brazil!! i didn’t dare laugh too much though. being downright rude. when one of the japan players stumbled with the ball, the commentator was chuckling, and i was laughing, my 3 Japanese housemates told me, "f*cking shut up!!" haha..:) it was fun anyway..

i watch world cup everyday now. luckily we have a tv in the lounge, else i’d be bored to death. no internet at home, just tv. everyone just switch to world cup when they’re in the lounge, so i’ve been watching it everyday. even at work, my stall is next door to the pub. so, i’m even watching it at work. that day, when Brazil vs Australia, Australian fans were wearing huge Australia flags around their shoulders like superman and carrying kangaroo soft toys walking around camden. not long after that, people were coming to buy Brazilian flags to tie around their shoulders as well. it was funny watching the Australian and Brazilian guys outside the pub, showing off their countries. :)

I met a Brazilian guy on Monday at the club, when he knew I am from Malaysia, he laughed. i asked why? He said ur not in the world cup right? Yea, so?? f*cking shut up man!! ughh…he’s not the first guy to tell me that. I've heard from Japanese, Polish, and Iran countrymen telling me that as well.

Malaysia boleh eh?? hahahaa…i know no chance!! but, who knows??

For FIFA World Cup 2010, I would probably just read the newspaper. Definitely not staying up in the middle of the night to watch it. Except weekends.

Those days are long gone..

Back in the UK, they take football so much more seriously than in Kuching.. Of course la, I know. Obviously that is why they are in world cup and Malaysians are not haha. During match days, the crowd get so rowdy. As soon as you get out of the tube at say, Arsenal on a match day, you just know it. People burst into song and the whole crowd starts singing together. And they all wear the same colours and the same scarf.

Its worse after the match ends cos then most of the guys get rowdy after drinking. The cars filled with people screaming and beer bottles thrown everywhere. I used to dread match days and try to avoid walking on the streets alone at night on these occasions.

When the match was in Newcastle, it seemed to me like more than half the city turned out in their black and white colours just to watch the match at St James' Park.

Since Newcastle is small to me, compared with London, and St James' Park is like, right in the city center, its hard not to see the crowd. All of them decked out in the Newcastle club football jersey. But I liked Newcastle. The crowd was so much less rowdy. Much quieter. More families. Dads bringing their sons to watch the match. Nice.


This was my own version of what World Cup 2006 was like for me. What was yours?

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