Sunday, 14 March 2010

Food and Fun

Last night the whole family went to Grand Margherita Hotel, you know the revamped Holiday Inn. I went there a few months back (think it was last year end) for the buffet at Orchid Garden but during that time, they still have not started renovating the place yet, except the lobby.

Last night though, it was pretty obvious of the changes made. Orchid Garden now has a whole new look.

Sorry for the lousy camera phone quality.. But see..the decorations kind of remind me of Four Points Sheraton Hotel. They separated the sections: Salads, Soups, Japanese, Teppanyaki, Prawn Mee Soup (plus some chicken/duck rice I think), Italian, and Desserts. I am categorizing them exactly as they are placed.

This place was so in contrast with the Four Points buffet that I went to last month which was almost empty. It was full house last night. Which begs the question, how was the food there?

Don't take me so literally though. I am a very picky eater and have yet to err broaden my err food horizons haha..

Dad says: There is less selections than before. Of the main courses, I agree. There is less selections.

Kevin: Ate too much. So full. (Kevin eats everything and everything tastes good so ignore him)

Mum is the one in the purple top queuing up for the Japanese food. I like this part about Grand Margherita compared with Four Points. Both has the Japanese food section. They each have a selection of freshly cut sashimi: salmon, white tuna, octopus, unagi and I don't know the names cos I only eat those.

Both places of course serve prawns and oysters but ehh typical Chinese people a.k.a me, compare sizes of the prawns and oysters. Grand Margherita wins of course! Huge succelent pranws and they are seemingly never ending even though people grab them by the plateful.

At Grand Margherita, the chef cheerfully prepares whatever you ask for. Handroll, Maki, Temaki, sashimi, everything.

At Four Points, when I ask the chef: Do you make anything? Can I ask for something? Special order? He just points to the selection of the already hardened/stale sushi in front of him and shakes his head. No. Sad. Tragic. So what are you doing there standing there? Getting rid of the flies??

Mum spotted a waiter walking past with a plate of Pizza. She hurriedly pointed this out to me (the pizza lover), and waited for me to stop every proceeding waiter: where is the pizza? where? How come I saw someone walking about with Pizza??

The manager pointed me in the right direction. Turns out it was special order. You request whatever toppings you wanted and they make it for you. I didn't wait. They brought out a platter of Pizza and people came crowding around. I was right in front of the Pizza dammit and a woman grabbed the spoon which is right in front of me to serve herself first. Fine Never mind. She has a kid in tow. Let her grab first.

The Pizza actually turned out ok only. Not that nice but aiya I cannot say no to Pizza. Its mum's fault. She passed her pizza-loving gene down to me.

My turn. There was a woman beside me waiting. I tried not to look at her. Cos I err..took the whole plate. There were only three very small slices left!!! How? What was I supposed to do?? What if I took one slice (like I am supposed to), then go back to my table where Kevin, Winnie, and mum steal my Pizza. How? So I took all. Sorry woman. Tough luck. Wait for next round.

Remember I talked about the ais kacang at Four Points Buffet? They have an ais kacang machine!! (SPK)

At Grand Margherita, they have a waffles machine! Hahaha..competition much?

Freshly made hot waffles with peanut butter and chocolate. Kevin and Winnie liked it. It smells good. But I thought it was boring. The waffles are soft, chewy or quite soggy and tasteless.

I think its cos I have yet to find waffles that top these:

The ones I had in Norway:

This is so so good. They are thick and crispy. Even though I had these in Norway, I think these resemble Belgian waffles more to Norwegian waffles. Cos I saw waffles like these everywhere in Brussels. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I didn't take a better looking photo. But see that woman is holding the same waffles that looks thicker and crispier.

Anyway. Back to Kuching.

This is my little plate of desserts:

The two tarts thingy on the right mostly contain egg. Tastes ok. I don't know what they are supposed to be. That is a little hot dog bun in the center. And the shit-like thing which is actually chocolate mousse tart is soooo good. good it deserves its own solo shot..

Dad joined the Prestige Club thingy and we used up four of the complimentary buffet vouchers. So we paid for one person only. Oh we got a free 500g cake too. I called two days in advance for them to "prepare" our free cake.

Have not started eating it yet but it looks suspiciously like normal chocolate sponge cake. I know that its free and I should not complain. But! It just screams boring and hastily made, no? You have a reputation to uphold Prestige Club. We paid expensive membership fees. Look at the pitiful amount of fruit as toppings. No decoration to speak of. Taste-wise I don't know. I will complain or praise you next time..


OK. Time to steer you away from all that food..

Just started reading this but it seems quite promising. Let you know when I finish this..Copied this from the back of the book:

Shanghai, 1937. Pearl and May are two beautiful, modern, carefree sisters - until their father tells them that he has gambled away the family's wealth. In order to repay his debts, he must sell the girls as wives to two "Gold Mountain" men: Americans. As Japanese bombs fall on their beloved city, they must travel across Southern China, in and out of the churches of brutal soldiers, and across the ocean to a new, married life in Los Angeles' Chinatown.


I'm on a roll here so might as well continue writing since I got nothing better to do this boring Sunday afternoon. Sundays are boring. Mostly, I stay at home to online the whole day and night. I used to play badminton on Sunday noons but they take up sooo much energy out of me that I always want to sleep by 8pm at night wtf! So useless haha!

Oh yes there is an European fun fair at MJC. Batu Kawa. I don't know if it is open to public yet or not. This time, in addition to the normal fun fair stuff they have:

A mini water park Kuching version. Cool eh..

An old/ugly/mini version of Sunway Lagoon. Hahaha looks so tempting though. Something new in Kuching. This should attract alot of the kids to the fun fair...

Thats it!


John Harding said...

hehhee..same here.. been blogging my sunday away.. since morning lol..

btw.. that waterpark looks cool..and how's the pricing at magherita?

Amy said...

hahhahaa yea boring Sunday! Yea..I want to go to the Waterpark when it opens, should be fun!!

If I am not mistaken, per person it was RM 79++