Sunday, 21 March 2010


I did it again!

I have lived up to my reputation of not being able to use a phone for more than a year!

Why Amy why?!! Why am I so careless?!

I really should get myself the cheapest phone out there!

How does Winnie use her phone for 4 years without dropping and scratching it How did she get by four years without giving her phone a mini shower. How??

How come I can't do that? Are we not sisters? GRR..I refuse to buy a new phone! I will wait till this thing electrocute me in some way.

Fuck it. There is no one to be angry at. No one to blame. Only myself. Which makes it worse. How nice if someone broke my phone and I can still shout and scream profanities and get a brand new phone for myself. No huss no fuss. Too bad its not gonna happen mi, you get to pay for your own mistakes biatch.

Unrelated photo. If things go according to plan, I will be here soon enough...


John Harding said...

this reminds me of my very old (first) phone during uni years. Bought it with my first salary when i was doing part time while studying in the mall. How did it happen? I went swimming and hide it under my towel while putting it on the bench..then after swim, i pulled my towel and .swhoooshhh... i threw the phone into the pool.But been using it for few years

Amy said...

Hahahaha...that sucks. you're as careless as me!